2016 Italian Olympic Trials: Day 2 Prelims Recap


  • Dates: Tuesday, April 19 – Saturday, April 23, 2016
  • Times: prelims 9:00 am, finals 5 pm
  • Location: Riccione, Italy (GMT +1, or 6 hours ahead of N.Y., 9 ahead of L.A.)
  • Results: Available
  • Championship Central
  • Selection Standards

Women’s 50 Fly- Prelims

  • Italian record: 25.78, Silvia Di Pietro
  • Selection standards: N/A
  1. Silvia Di Pietro, Aniene: 26.47
  2. Elena Gemo, Aniene: 26.67
  3. Ilaria White, Azzurre: 27.03
  4. Elena Di Liddo, Aniene: 27.32
  5. Alice Loffredo, Gestisport: 27.45
  6. Sara Gyertyanffy, Imolanuoto: 27.72
  7. Sara Franceschi, Livorno/Federica Greek, Tiro a Volo: 27.83

Italian national record holder Silvia Di Pietro swam the top time this morning, going 26.47 to just miss her season-best 26.33, which ranks her 20th in the world.

Elena Gemo was close behind in the non-Olympic event, the only other swimmer to break 27 with 26.67. Ilaria White qualified third with 27.03.

Men’s 100 Fly- Prelims

  • Italian record: 51.64, Matteo Rivolta
  • Selection standard: A-51.6, B-51.9, C-52.2
  1. Piero Codia, Aniene: 51.42
  2. Matteo Rivolta, Fiamme Oro Roma: 51.71
  3. Simone Geni, Bologna: 53.35
  4. Daniele D’Angelo, Aniene: 53.54
  5. Filippo Berlincioni, Aniene: 53.55
  6. Francesco Giordano, Fiamme Oro Roma: 53.61
  7. Giacomo Carini, Fiamme Gialle: 53.66
  8. Enzo Nardozza, Aniene: 54.18

Piero Codia moved up to seventh in the world with his prelims swim this morning, a 51.42 that earned him the top seed and easily cleared the Italian ‘A’ standard.

Italian national record holder Matteo Rivolta came in second in 51.71; he was previously unranked, but with this swim, he rockets to tenth in the world.

The third seed, Simone Geni, was nearly a second and a half back in 53.35.

Women’s 200 Breast- Prelims

  • Italian record: 2:23.32, Ilaria Scarcella
  • Selection standard: A- 2:23.3, B-2:24.9
  1. Ilaria Scarcella, Aniene: 2:29.21
  2. Francesca Fangio, Lombardia: 2:29.51
  3. Lisa Fissneider, Nuoto Fiamme Gialle: 2:30.02
  4. Giulia Verona, Lombardia: 2:30.09
  5. Michela Guzzetti, Esercito: 2:30.67
  6. Elisa Celli, Esercito: 2:31.30
  7. Lisa Angiolini, Buonconvento: 2:31.79
  8. Letizia Memo, Ranazzurra: 2:32.83

Italian national record holder Ilaria Scarcella took it easy in the heats of the women’s 200 breast, coming in nearly six seconds from her personal best in 2:29.31, but still notching the top-qualifying seed. Francesca Fangio was close behind in 2:29.51. The two were the only swimmers under 2:30.

Lisa Fissneider was third in 2:30.02, and Guilia Verona hit fourth in 2:30.09.

Men’s 400 IM- Prelims

  • Italian record: 4:09.88, Luca Marin
  • Olympic standards: A- 4:13.1, B-4:14.8
  1. Federico Turrini, Esercito: 4:19.66
  2. Giorgio Gaetani, Larus: 4:20.89
  3. Luca Marin, Aniene: 4:20.92
  4. Lorenzo Tarocchi, Lombardia: 4:22.25
  5. Francesco Pavone, Esercito: 4:23.35
  6. Giovanni Sorriso, Aniene: 4:23.87
  7. Stefano Ventrone, Tiro a Volo: 4:26.00
  8. Matteo Pelizzari, Aniene: 4:26.23

Federico Turrini took the top slot in 4:19.66, the only swimmer under 4:20. In finals, he’ll have to drop another six and a half seconds to make the Olympic ‘A’ cut.

Giorgio Gaetani of Larus took second in 4:20.89, followed by national record holder Luca Marin in 4:20.92.

Men’s 100 Breast- Prelims

  • Italian record: 59.42, Fabio Scozzoli
  • Qualifying standards: A-59.7, B-1:00.1, C-1:00.4
  1. Andrea Toniato, Veneto: 1:01.40
  2. Flavio Bizzarri, Forestale: 1:01.51
  3. Nicolo Martinenghi, Brebbia: 1:01.71
  4. Fabio Scozzoli, Imolanuoto: 1:01.88
  5. Luca Pizzini, Carabinieri: 1:01.97
  6. Claudio Fossi, Lombardia: 1:02.30
  7. Edoardo Giorgetti, Roma: 1:02.35
  8. Lorenzo Antonelli, Larus: 1:02.45

Andrea Toniato was the first qualifier in the men’s 100 breast this morning, missing C standard by exactly a second. The second seed went to Flavio Bizzarri in 1:01.51, followed by Nicolo Martinenghi in 1:01.71.

Italian record holder Fabio Scozzoli finished fourth in 1:01.88, over two seconds off his best time.

Women’s 100 Free- Prelims

  • Italian record: 53.55, Federican Pellegrini
  • Qualifying standards: A-54.9, B-54.1, C-54.7
  1. Federica Pellegrini, Aniene: 54.55
  2. Erika Ferraioli, Aniene: 54.80
  3. Laura Letrari, Bolzano: 55.30
  4. Aglaia Pezzato, Veneto: 55.73
  5. Giada Galizi, Roma: 55.87
  6. Silvia Di Pietro, Aniene: 55.99
  7. Alice Mizzau, Veneto: 56.05
  8. Paola Biagioli, Florentia: 56.06

Federica Pellegrini finished her heats swim of the 100 free in 54.55, exactly one second off her Italian record 53.55 from the suit-era 2009 Italian Championships. That time wasn’t quite fast enough to place her in the world rankings, but it was fast enough to hit the Italian ‘A’ cut.

Erika Ferraioli took the second seed in 54.80. Laura Letrari came in over half a second behind in 55.30 for the third slot.

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6 years ago

Where was Marco Orsi in the 100 Free??

bobo gigi
6 years ago

We’ll see the men’s 100 breast results tonight but if someone can break the minute, with Sabbioni on back, ? on breast, Codia or Rivolta on fly and Dotto on free, it can make a decent medley relay for an olympic final.

Reply to  bobo gigi
6 years ago

Hi Bobo. And Sabbioni, like many other Italian big guns, isn’t fully tapered at these National Champs, because he wants to swim well at European Champs in London next month and then the big target is Olympics in August.

Unfortunately Scozzoli, after his knee’s injury, isn’t yet near that great breaststroker who in 2011 was silver medalist at Shangai Worlds and for young, promising Martinenghi is a bit too early.

Anyway we’ll se..

Reply to  paolo
6 years ago

Men Medley relay is shaping up to be the most competitive event on Rio

Reply to  Rafael
6 years ago

The US will be very hard to top…But don’t write off the Brits….If Peaty does a 57 something….the Brits will be right in it.

Reply to  bobo gigi
6 years ago

Toniato and Scozzoli both on 1:00:7 range..

After Russian Trials end, I can try make a “sum” of the relays

6 years ago

Yes, men’s 100 free and women’s 200 fly were swum yesterday, this morning have been swum women’s 100 free (Pellegrini in front after prelims with a 54.55, then Ferraioli 54.80) and men’s 100 breaststroke (Toniato 1.01.40, Bizzarri 1.01.51, Martinenghi (’99) 1.01.71, Scozzoli 1.01.88,.., in eight place Antonelli with 1.02.45).

Martinenghi is another junior to have already reached the qualification for European Junior Champs.
In the first day: Mora (55.75) and Glessi (55.90) in men’s 100 back and Quaglieri (1.01.99) in women’s 100 back, Romei (4.11.57) in women’s 400 free, Cusinato (2.10.98) in women’s 200 fly and Miressi (49.55) in men’s 100 free.

Codia’s 51.42 swum in the prelims, is the new Italian record in 100 fly.

6 years ago

I am quite sure that the prelims of the men 100 free were yesterday and so was the final (which was slower than the heats)

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