2016 British Olympic Trials: Day Four Finals Live Recap


*Note on Finals Session: The schedule of events will feature three finals – a senior final targeted at the Rio Olympics and European Championships in London, a Target Tokyo Final for potential additions to the European Championship in London and a Junior Final for those looking to qualify for the European Junior Championships in Hungary. For the purposes of this article’s context, we will be reporting on the ‘senior final’ of each event.

If the first place swimmer does not meet or exceed that qualifying time, then the athlete may be considered for selection as long as he/she falls within 2% of the 2nd time listed by each event. Runners-up also must be within 2% of the 2nd qualification time in order to be considered for selection. You can read more about the policy here.


  • British Record – 2:07.30, Ross Murdoch (2014)
  • 1st Place OLY Standard – 2:08.52
  • Consideration time – 2:10.45

To say that Adam Peaty went for it in this race would be an understatement. The world record holder in the 50 and 100 breaststroke took the first 50 meters in a time of 27.73, a second and a half ahead of the field. He held that lead at the halfway point turning in a time of 1:00.68. To say that Peaty faded in the last half of the race would be an understatement. He eventually put up a split of 1:11.03 in the final 100 meters ultimately finishing sixth in a time of 2:11.71.

Andrew Willis turned second behind Peaty at the 100 meter mark splitting a 1:02.19. Willis, who finished fourth in the event at the World Championships in Kazan, took over the lead at the 150 meter mark and would not relinquish it, winning the event in a time of 2:08.08.

Willis’ time is under the Olympic qualifying time of 2:08.52, which means he will be swimming the 200 breaststroke at his second consecutive Olympic Games.

In somewhat of a surprise Craig Benson finished second in a time of 2:09.07. Benson finished under the consideration time of 2:10.45.

2014 Commonwealth Games champion and British record holder Ross Murdoch finished third in a time of 2:09.16.

  1. Andrew Willis – 2:08.08
  2. Craig Benson – 2:09.07
  3. Ross Murdoch – 2:09.16
  4. James Wilby – 2:10.19
  5. Michael Jamieson – 2:10.55
  6. Adam Peaty – 2:11.71
  7. Robert Hoderness – 2:13.29
  8. Calum Tait – 2:13.53


  • British Record – 52.87, Fran Halsall (2009)
  • 1st Place OLY Standard – 53.68
  • Consideration Time – 53.89

Siobhan-Marie O’Connor took women’s 100 freestyle touching 35 one-hundredths of a second ahead of British record holder Fran Halsall. O’Connor won the event in a time of 54.18 was 37 one-hundredths of a second off her lifetime best of 53.81, which she posted at the 2015 British Championships.

Halsall hit the wall in a time of 54.53. The fastest Halsall has been since 2012 is a 53.99, which she recorded at the 2014 Commonwealth Games where she finished fourth.

Both women were well off both the Olympic qualifying standard and the consideration time.

The add up of the top four women in the event, 3:39.66, is also well off the Olympic qualifying standard.

Harriet Cooper finished third in a time of 55.45.

  1. Siobhan-Marie O’Connor – 54.18
  2. Fran Halsall – 54.53
  3. Harriet Cooper – 55.45
  4. Anna Hopkin – 55.50
  5. Jessica Jackson – 55.79
  6. Georgia Coates – 55.79
  7. Georgia Davies – 55.85
  8. Emma Gage – 56.44


  • British Record – 51.41, Michael Rock (2009)
  • 1st Place OLY Standard – 51.24
  • Consideration Time – 51.81

James Guy won the men’s 100 butterfly in a time of 52.15. Guy led from start to finish turning at the 50 meter mark in a time of 24.40. He was well off both the Olympic and consideration standard in the event.

For Guy this was a ‘fun’ event at these trials. He wound up taking 40 one-hundredths of a second off his lifetime best coming into the competition.

Antony James finished second in a time of 52.31 followed by Adam Barrett who hit the wall in a time of 52.67.

  1. James Guy – 52.15
  2. Antony James – 52.31
  3. Adam Barrett – 52.67
  4. Cameron Brodie – 53.09
  5. Joseph Roebuck – 53.19
  6. Mark Szaranek – 53.28
  7. Sean Campsie – 53.31
  8. Braxston Timm – 53.50


  • British Record – 2:06.66, Gemma Spofforth (2009)
  • 1st Place OLY Standard – 2:08.21
  • Consideration Time – 2:08.53

Elizabeth Simmonds won the women’s 200 backstroke in convincing fashion finishing almost two full seconds ahead of the field. Despite dominating the event Simmonds finished well of both the Olympic and consideration standards hitting the wall in a time of 2:09.24. Simmonds has a lifetime best of 2:06.79 that she posted in 2010, but the fastest that she has been in the last four years is 2:08.32, which she recorded at last year’s Edinburgh International.

Jessica Fullalove finished second in a time of 2:11.20 over a full second over her lifetime best of 2:10.01. Chloe Hannam finished third in a time of 2:11.47.

  1. Elizabeth Simmonds – 2:09.24
  2. Jessica Fullalove – 2:11.20
  3. Chloe Hannam – 2:11.47
  4. Tazmin Pugh – 2:13.19
  5. Chloe Golding – 2:13.71
  6. Brittany Horton – 2:14.44
  7. Rosie Rodin – 2:15.43

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5 years ago

Great time for Andrew Willis. Good job Craig Benson too, but disappointingly no Murdoch in a global 200m once again.

5 years ago

I reckon that Fran Halsall has been slightly off on her taper here.

5 years ago

Another big disappointment in the 100m fly. I was expecting better from Adam Barrett after a good free.

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