7 Down British Age Records At British Olympic Trials


Though the British Swimming Championships weren’t without their downsides, they also showed off some of the nation’s top young talent, with seven different swimmers breaking eight national age records.

Here’s a quick rundown of the 7 record-breakers, listed from oldest to youngest:

Duncan Scott: 100 free, age 18

Duncan Scott, born in 1997, went 48.66 to win the overall national title in the 100 free. The University of Stirling swimmer topped Benjamin Proud by just .06 seconds, and also knocked down the 18-year-olds national record for Great Britain.

Great Britain’s tough selection standards mean Scott’s status on the Rio roster is still up in the air, but his age record is locked in stone.

Scott also broke the 200 free record in the 18-year-old bracket, going 1:47.28. That’s a unique case where the 18-year-olds record is actually a tick slower than its 17-year-olds counterpart, which stands at 1:47.19 from future world champ James Guy in 2013.

Luke Greenbank: 200 back, age 18

In another similar situation, Luke Greenbank broke the 18-year-olds 200 back record without going a best time. That’s because Greenbank set the 17-year-olds record (and the junior world record) with a 1:56.89 last summer. Still, his 1:57.79 this week was enough to break the 18-year-olds record, which previously stood at 1:57.95 from Chris Walker-Hebborn.

Georgia Coates: 200 free, age 17

Georgia Coates competes for the City of Leeds, and took 3rd overall in the 200 freestyle. The 17-year-old went 1:58.54, stealing the age record.

Thomas Fannon: 50 free, age 17

Thomas Fannon of Plymouth Leander twice broke the 17-year-olds 50 free record. In prelims, he was 22.54; in finals he finished in 22.24, lowering the previous record set by Proud at 22.65. Fannon was also second to Proud in the overall finish order.

Emily Large: 200 fly, age 15

Newcastle’s Emily Large also took third overall in her event, the 200 fly. The 15-year-old was 2:09.47, breaking the British age record and finishing just six tenths out of a national title.

Sam Dailley: 100 fly, age 15

Also in the 15-year-old age bracket, Plymouth Leander’s Sam Dailley broke the national age 100 fly record twice in one day. He was 55.21 out of prelims, then 55.08 in the final to shatter the former record of 55.64 set by Steven King back in 2009.

Dailley was also just two tenths off the national age 50 fly record with his opening split of 25.53.

Lily Boseley: 100 back, age 14

The youngest record-setter was Lily Boseley, who went 1:02.35 to take down the 14-year-olds 100 back mark. Boseley won the junior championship final by more than a full second for Nova Centurion.

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bobo gigi
7 years ago

By the way you’re right.
Error from my part.

Girls’ 200 free age 17 record
France. Charlotte Bonnet 1.58.28
USA. Katie Ledecky 1.55.16

bobo gigi
7 years ago

ThomasLurzFan, why did you post the age 16 girls’ 200 free record? Coates is 17…. 😉

Reply to  bobo gigi
7 years ago

I only knew that she was born in 1999, so i assumed that she was still 16 years old …
I was to lazy to search her date of birth.

7 years ago

Dang if Mary T. Was in this time period with a tech suit and goggles I really wonder if she could’ve challenged breaking 2 minutes?

joy macnaughton
7 years ago

Duncan broke the 200 Free age group record too with 1.47.28

bobo gigi
7 years ago

As comparison

Boys’ 100 free age 18 record
France. Yannick Agnel 48.80
USA. Caeleb Dressel 48.78

Girls’ 200 free age 15 record
France. Camille Gheorghiu 2.01.17
USA. Chelsea Chenault 1.58.52

Boys’ 50 free age 17 record
France. Clément Mignon 22.90
USA. Caeleb Dressel 22.35

Girls’ 200 fly age 15 record
France. Camille Wishaupt 2.16.93
USA. Mary T. Meagher 2.06.37 in 1980!

Boys’ 100 fly age 15 record
France. Allan Badian 57.43
USA. Michael Andrew 53.46

Girls’ 100 back age 14 record
France. Pauline Mahieu 1.04.67
USA. Missy Franklin 1.00.50

Reply to  bobo gigi
7 years ago

And Mary T’s was in a nylon costume and no goggles! Amazing.

Reply to  bobo gigi
7 years ago

Why did you post the age 15 womens 200 free record? Coates is at least 16 years old …

German 200 free record for 16 year old girls: 1:56.78 by Franziska van Almsick in 1994 (Rome)
German 100 free record for 18 year old guys: 49.07 by Damian Wierling in 2014 (Nanjing)
German 50 free record for 17 year old guys: German record are not for age groups but for year of birth. Steffen Deibler went 23.08 6 days after his 17th birthday and 22.26 5 days after his 18th birthday in 2005 (Budapest)
German 200 free record for 18 year old guys: 1:47.87 by Michael Groß in 1982 (Rome)
German 200 fly record for 15… Read more »

7 years ago

Also Luke Greenbank 18
200 back 1.57.79 (1.57.95)

7 years ago

Wow. Really bright future. Hope Large, Coates and Scott get the nod for Rio.

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