Guy ‘Over the Moon’ With His Performance in the 200 Freestyle (Video)


  • British Record – 1:45.14, James Guy (2015)
  • 1st Place OLY Standard – 1:45.91
  • 2% Consideration – 1:46.68

World Champion James Guy took the men’s 200 freestyle in a time of 1:45.19 just missing his British record of 1:45.14, which he posted in Kazan. Guy took the first 100 meters out one one-hundredth of a second slower than his record pace, he turned at the 150 meter mark 24 one-hundredths of second off record pace and in the end missed his national record by five one-hundredths of a second.

  • Kazan – 24.53/50.99 (26.46)/1:18.33 (27.34)/1:45.14 (26.81)
  • Olympic Trials – 24.50/51.00 (26.50)/1:18.09 (27.09)/1:45.19 (27.10) 

Guy now takes over the top spot in the world rankings beating Kosuke Hagino‘s time of 1:45.50, which he posted earlier this month.

2015-2016 LCM Men 200 Free

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Guy was also under the Olympic qualifying time of 1:45.91.

The race for the silver was a tight one between Stephen Milne, Robbie Renwick, Duncan Scott and Cameron Kurle. Milne hit the wall in a time of 1:47.15, eight one-hundredths of a second ahead of Robbie Renwick who recorded a 1:47.23. He was followed by Scott who touched in a time of 1:47.31. Kurle finished fourth posting a time of 1:47.82.

Top 8 From Finals

  1. James Guy – 1:45.19
  2. Stephen Milne – 1:47.15
  3. Robbie Renwick – 1:47.23
  4. Duncan Scott – 1:47.31
  5. Cameron Kurle – 1:47.82
  6. Ieuen Lloyd – 1:48.23
  7. Daniel Wallace – 1:48.50
  8. Nicholas Grainger – 1:48.53

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8 years ago

yes I pointed out the crazy double standard. Haas doesn’t have a long course time to his name yet he says Haas will be top 3 in Rio?

At the same time he,s saying we have to wait and see if Cameron McEvoy can perform in Rio?..

Why didn’t he say lets see how haas performs at trials like he said for McEvoy?

McEvoy who only lost to a doper ( ning zetao) in Kazan and is currently the fastest swimmer in the world. I mean the fastest ever in textile?

Looks like he,s letting his American pride get in the way. The same way he accused that Aussie commenter of letting his Aussie pride blind him.

Don’t you see… Read more »

8 years ago

SWIMFAN says Australian swimmers don’t perform outside trials but expects Haas to be top 3 in the 200 free despite we not seeing anything of his long course times?

Reply to  carlo
8 years ago

Why do you make that comparison? You are not really pointing anything out.

8 years ago

Honestly, nobody is the favorite in this event. Guy only won by .1 last year. We have no clue how sun is doing. Beidermann had an insane last 50 back last year, but we haven’t seen him do anything to note yet. Lochte has been his usual in season slug. We haven’t seen Haas in long course for awhile, though he dropped over 3 seconds from his SCY pb. Le Clos hasn’t shown anything spectacular. I’m not sure how much faster the Aussies can go. Hagino could swim a 1:44 if he drops more time. Ect, ect, ect!

Reply to  Ok
8 years ago

I would say Guy is a narrow favourite. He has dropped time in summer every season – A fair chunk too – So we can safely expect faster. He is world champion and thus far fastest in 2016. 1.45.1, swimming alone, is already arguably more impressive than his NR.

The Millfield crew swam very well this week and said James wasn’t swimming off a full taper. IF true, he’ll swim very fast in Rio.

Having two 18 year-olds (if Kurle is taken) in the 4×2 squad is the most interesing aspect. It makes the British team really hard to predict – You really don’t know how they’ll react to the big stage but you also have that knowledge that… Read more »

Reply to  Dee
8 years ago

Completely agree, Guy ‘IS’ favourite- world champion and fastest in world this year!

Haas is yet to prove himself, ALL the US college SCY hero’s under performed massively at the GB Trials (Szaranek, Patching, Wallace, Maughan). SCY’s count for nothing!

The GB 4×200 despite being slower on paper at this stage compared to last year consists of much better swimmers, providing selectors choose as expected (Guy, Milne, Renwick, Scott, Kurle). They may also ‘WlidCard’ Wallace!

I expect GB to medal, and push for Gold- perfect blend of Youth, Experience and Proven Winners! 😉

8 years ago

The olympic qualifying time for the 200 free is 147.97.
1.45.91 would mean only 5 people would qualify worldwide (so far)

Reply to  david
8 years ago

nope its actually 1:45, great britain set super hard standards this year. 1:47.9 is the a cut but great Britain made it faster for their athletes.

8 years ago

I see Haas doing big things this summer. In my opinion no doubt a top 3 finish, possibly a gold medal performance.

bobo gigi
8 years ago

Guy is gonna win the gold in Rio….
unless Agnel transforms in the next 4 months
and unless Haas shocks the world at US trials.

BayArea Swim
Reply to  bobo gigi
8 years ago

Haas is gonna win the gold in Rio!
Guy will have to settle for silver.
And Agnel will be lucky if he gets the night swim.

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