21 of 22 Eligible Stanford Men Make Pac-12 All-Academic Lists

 The Pac-12 Conference has honored its 76 most academically-successful  male swimmers by naming them to the 2016 Pac-12 Swimming And Diving All-Academic Teams.
To be eligible for selection to the academic team, a student-athlete must have a minimum 3.0 overall grade-point average and participate in at least half of their team’s scheduled regular season events. Freshmen are not eligible for the list.
The 2016 conference champions Stanford led the way with 21 out of 28 (or 75%) of its roster meeting the criteria for inclusion, including 21 out of 22 sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
  1. Stanford, 21
  2. USC 11
  3. Utah 17
  4. Arizona State, 13
  5. Cal 7
  6. Arizona 7
First Team Yr. GPA Major
Tarek Abdelghany, STAN SO 3.65 Product Design
Ryan Arata, STAN SR 4.03 Mechanical engineering
Hunter Atha, ASU SR 3.99 Art (Art Studies)
Richard Bohus, ASU JR 3.89 Digital Culture
Bradley Christiansen, STAN JR 3.63 Product Design
Jacob Crayne, UTAH SR 3.78 Communication
Michael Domagala, USC JR 3.67 Business Administration
Sean Duggan, STAN SR 3.59 Mechanical Engineering
Tyler Fowler, ARIZ JR 3.82 Biomedical Engineering
David Fraser, UTAH SR 3.54 Finance
Pawel Furtek, USC SO 3.88 Computer Engineering & Computer Science
Jeff Garnier, STAN SR 3.75 Computer Science
Bence Kiraly, UTAH SR 3.67 Entrepreneurship
Morten Klarskov, USC SR 3.56 International Relations (Global Business)
Riccardo Maestri, ARIZ SO 3.89 Mechanical Engineering
Heikki Makikallio, ASU SO 3.96 Finance
Ted Miclau, STAN SO 3.68 Human Biology
Kyle Owens, UTAH SR 3.65 Parks and Recreation Tourism
Josiah Purss, UTAH JR 3.81 Finance
Dominic Ricotta, ARIZ SR 3.92 Marketing
Ben Scott, UTAH SO 3.94 Biology
Brandon Shreeve, UTAH SO 3.72 Biomedical Engineering
Juan Tolosa, ASU SR 3.78 Economics
Gray Umbach, STAN SR 3.99 Chemical Engineering
Second Team Yr. GPA Major
Christian Brown, STAN SR 3.46 Energy Resources Engineering
Justin Buck, STAN JR 3.51 Economics
Jeremie DeZwirek, CAL SR 3.33 Cell & Developmental Biology
Juan Jose Garcia Mesa, ASU JR 3.62 Interdisciplinary Studies
David Hoffer, ASU SO 3.36 Economics
Keanu Interone, UTAH JR 3.55 Computer Science
Sean Kao, ASU SR 3.35 Exercise and Wellness
Kristian Kron, UTAH SR 3.32 Business Administration
Connor Kuremsky, STAN SR 3.34 Human Biology
Daniel Le, STAN JR 3.5 Human Biology
Luis Macias, UTAH JR 3.6 Business Administration
Cole Miller, ASU JR 3.3 Biological Sciences
Ryan Murphy, CAL JR 3.54 Business Administration
Quillan Oak, UTAH SR 3.53 English
Wesley Olmsted, STAN SO 3.57 Computer Science
Jacob Pebley, CAL SR 3.37 Psychology
Deon Reid, USC SR 3.23 Non-Governmental Organizations and Social Change
Nolan Rogers, UTAH JR 3.51 Communication
Keith Schendel, UTAH SO 3.52 Mechanical Engineering
Steven Stumph, USC JR 3.43 Linguistics and East Asian Languages and Cultures
Ganem Tebet, UTAH SO 3.48 Electrical Engineering
Trent Williams, CAL SR 3.24 Business Administration
Justin Wright, ARIZ SO 3.35 Pre-Business
Jimmy Yoder, STAN JR 3.55 Human Biology

Honorable Mention
Janardan Burns, JR, CAL; Jack  Burton, SO, UTAH; Patrick Conaton, SO, STAN; Gage Crosby, JR, ARIZ; Maclin Davis, Sr., USC; Spencer DeShon, JR, STAN; Liam Egan, SO, STAN; Reid Elliott, JR, ASU; Connor Green, SO, CAL; Nicholas Hogsed, SO, ARIZ; Jonah Hu, SO, USC; Evan Indahl, JR, UTAH; Kevin Khojasteh, Sr., USC; Joshua Lamb, JR, ASU; Andrew Liang, SO, STAN; Christian Lorenz, SO, ASU; Brandon Mills, JR, ASU; Brendan Nguyen, JR, UTAH; Aidan O’Hara, JR, ASU; Curtis Ogren, SO, STAN; Sam Perry, SO, STAN; Collin Pollard, SR, USC; Josh Prenot, SR, CAL; Ted Singley, SR, USC; Andrew Sovero, SR, ARIZ; Danny Thomson, SR, STAN; Billy Wild, SR, USC; Maxwell Williamson, JR, STAN.

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4 years ago

I would feel pretty bad to be that 1 of 22 to not make it. Until I remembered that I was at Stanford and still stayed eligible (I assume).

4 years ago

Ryan Arata: 4.03 GPA mechanical engineer at Stanford… Let that sink in

4 years ago

Glad to see Mechanical Engineering and Product Design so well represented on the current Stanford team. Go Card!

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