2016 Arena Pro Swim Series – Charlotte: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap


Women’s 20om Butterfly- Prelims

Top 8:

  1. Cammile Adams, SwimMAC: 2:10.72
  2. Hannah Saiz, Schroeder YMCA: 2:11.13
  3. Jen Marrkand, Unattached: 2:11.17
  4. Audrey Lacroix, HPC-Ontario: 2:11.67
  5. Klaudia Nzieblo, Unattached: 2:13.06
  6. Kate Mills, SwimMAC: 2:13.17
  7. Maria Jose Mata Coco, Club Libanes: 2:14.02
  8. Hannah Kukurugya, Crown Point: 2:14.44

SwimMAC’s 2012 London Olympics 5th-place finisher in this event Cammile Adams posted the top time this morning with 2:10.72. She should certainly go faster tonight, as she looked like she was taking it easy this morning. Her time this morning wasn’t quite quick enough to crack the world top 25.

SwimSwam contributor and 2013 DIII National Champion Hannah Saiz of Schroeder YMCA posted the second-fastest time with 2:11.13, followed closely by Jen Marrkand, who is swimming unattached today but represents Virginia in the NCAA. HPC-Ontario’s Audrey Lacroix hit fourth in 2:11.67.

Klaudia Nazieblo, who represents Poland internationally, finished fifth in 2:13.06. Kate Mills, Maria Jose Mata Coco, and Hannah Kukurugya will round out the A Final.

Caitlin Leverenz of Cal Aquatics will lead the B final after finishing in 2:14.63.

Men’s 200m Butterfly- Prelims

Top 8:

  1. Jonathan Gomez, Scarlet Aquatics: 1:57.82
  2. Zach Harting, Unattached: 2:00.83
  3. Tyler Clary, SwimMAC: 2:00.93
  4. Dylan Bosch, Michigan: 2:01.34
  5. Marcos Lavado, Azura Florida: 2:01.63
  6. Alarii Levreault-Lopes, Unattached: 2:02.26
  7. David Arias Gonzales, Colombia: 2:02.59
  8. Zach Fong, Jersey Wahoos: 2:02.61

Jonathan Gomez of Scarlet Aquatics and SMU holds a definitive lead after a monster 1:57.82 this morning.

Zach Harting, a Louisville freshman, came in second with 2:00.83, followed closely by defending Olympic champion in the 200 back Tyler Clary with 2:00.93.

Dylan Bosch of Michigan, who missed the South African Olympic team at South African Trials last month, finished fourth in 2:01.34, followed by Venezuelan Olympian Marcos Lavado. 

Alarii Levereault-Lopes, David Arias Gonzales, and Zach Fong will round out the B final. Fong made a huge step up from his 24th seed.

Women’s 50m Freestyle- Prelims

Top 8:

  1. Chantal Van Landeghem, Swimming Canada: 24.93
  2. Madison Kennedy, SwimMAC: 24.96
  3. Michelle Williams, Swimming Canada: 25.24
  4. Dana Vollmer, Cal Aquatics: 25.36
  5. Ivy Martin, Wisconsin Aquatics: 25.48
  6. Lili Ibanez Lopez, Mexico: 25.63
  7. Kelsi Worrell, Louisville: 25.69
  8. Farida Osman, Unattached Cal: 25.71

Chantal Van Landeghem, who will represent Canada in the 50 free, 100 free, 4×100 free relay, and possibly the 4×100 medley relay in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, posted the top time this morning with 24.93. Her time this morning was .3 off her best time this season, a 24.63 from Canadian Trials which ranks her 10th in the world.

Tonight’s race will be a showdown between Van Landeghem and Madison Kennedy, who posted a 24.96 this morning. Kennedy is at the top of her game right now. At the Arena Pro Swim meet in Mesa last month, Kennedy swam the American women’s fastest ever 50 meter free in a textile suit, clocking 24.45 for sixth in the world.

Michelle Williams, another member of the Canadian Rio squad (50 free, 4×100 free relay), is the third seed tonight, after swimming 25.24.

100 fly word record holder Dana Vollmer is at the top of her game as well, swimming 25.36 this morning. In Mesa, she went her lifetime best in prelims, a 25.00 just two years after giving birth to her first child; then she came back in finals for a 24.69.

Wisconsin’s 2015 All-American Ivy Martin finished fifth in 25.48, followed by Mexico’s Lili Ibanez Lopez. Louisville’s Olympic team hopeful in the 100 fly Kelsi Worrell took seventh in 25.69, and Farida Osman of Egypt and Cal went 25.71.

Men’s 50m Freestyle- Prelims

Top 8:

  1. Santo Condorelli, Swimming Canada: 22.44
  2. Cullen Jones, SwimMAC: 22.50
  3. Anthony Ervin, Unattached: 22.56
  4. Josh Schneider, NYAC: 22.65
  5. Oleksandr Loginov, Toronto Swim Club: 22.68
  6. Daniel Kanorr, Badger: 22.85
  7. Paul Powers, Club Wolverine: 22.87
  8. Jimmy Feigen, NYAC: 22.93

Canada’s Rio teamrunner Santo Condorelliwho will compete in the 50 free, 100 free, and the 4×100 free relay this summer, will lead the field tonight in the 50 free after swimming 22.44. His swim this morning is .4 off his season best, a 13th-ranked 22.04 from U.S. Nationals in December.

SwimMAC’s Olympic gold medalist Cullen Jones is close behind after clocking 22.50, while his 2012 Olympic teammate Anthony Ervin sits third with 22.56.

New York Athletic Club’s Josh Schneidercurrently ranked 15th in the world with a 22.05 from Winter Nationals, swam 22.65 this morning.

Oleksandr Loginov of Toronto, Daniel Kanorr of Badger, Paul Powers of Club Wolverine, and U.S. Olympian Jimmy Feigen will round out the field tonight.

Women’s 100m Backstroke- Prelims

Top 8:

  1. Ali Deloof, Club Wolverine: 1:00.22
  2. Kylie Masse, Swimming Canada: 1:00.86
  3. Dominique Bouchard, Swimming Canada: 1:00.90
  4. Kirsty Coventry, SwimMAC: 1:00.93
  5. Clara Smiddy, Club Wolverine: 1:01.40
  6. Claire Adams, Carmel: 1:01.01
  7. Erin Voss, Unattached: 1:01.99
  8. Kathleen Baker, SwimMAC: 1:02.32

Michigan’s 11th-place finisher in this event at this year’s NCAA Championships (also an A finalist in the 50 and 100 free) Ali Deloof came in over a half a second ahead of the field this morning, clocking 1:00.22. Her time this morning was just off her 22nd-in-the-world 1:00.10 from Winter Nationals.

Canada’s two representatives to Rio in this event Kylie Masse and Dominique Bouchard touched in nearly the same time, going 1:00.86 and 1:00.90, respectively. Masse is the favorite for tonight; she is currently ranked second in the world in this event with a 59.06 from last month’s Canadian Trials. Bouchard’s season-best is a 19th-in-the-world 59.96 from the same race.

SwimMAC and Zimbabwe’s seven-time Olympic medalist Kirsty Coventry hit fourth in 1:00.93. Coventry is currently 20th in the world with a 1:00.08 from February.

Club Wolverine’s Clara Smiddy came in next with 1:01.40, followed by age group standouts Claire Adams of Carmel and soon the Texas Longhorns and Erin Voss. SwimMAC and Cal’s Kathleen Baker rounds out the field with 1:02.32.

Men’s 100m Backstroke- Prelims

Top 8:

  1. Ryan Lochte, SwimMAC: 55.09
  2. Arkady Vyatchanin, NYAC: 55.53
  3. Bob Glover, Indiana Swim Team: 55.97
  4. Bryce Bohman, Unattached: 56.01
  5. Tyler Clary, SwimMAC: 56.05
  6. Paul Le, Missouri State: 56.24
  7. Aaron Greene, Unattached: 56.49
  8. Robert Owen, Unattached: 56.56

Ryan Lochte of SwimMAC, who is currently unranked in this event, took the top slot this morning with 55.09, coming in nearly half a second ahead of second-place Arkady Vyatchanin of the New York Athletic Club. Vyatchanin, who swam 55.53 this morning, is currently seeking Serbian citizenship to represent Serbia instead of his native Russia. Vyatchanin sits 24th in the event right now with his 54.12 from U.S. Nationals.

Indiana junior Bob Glover finished third with 55.97, followed by former West Virginia star Bryce Bohman in 56.01.

SwimMAC’s Tyler Clarythe defending Olympic champion in the 200 distance, finished 5th in 56.05. Paul Le, Aaron Greene, and Robert Owen will round out the A final.

Women’s 200m Breaststroke- Prelims

Top 8:

  1. Anne Lazor, Auburn: 2:27.58
  2. Lilly King, Indiana: 2:28.09
  3. Kierra Smith, Swimming Canada: 2:28.54
  4. Katie Meili, SwimMAC: 2:28.84
  5. Miranda Tucker, Indiana: 2:29.58
  6. Esther Gonzalez Medina, Mexico: 2:29.95
  7. Andee Cottrell, Unattached: 2:31.12
  8. Daniela Carrillo, Bowling Green: 2:31.54

Auburn’s 2016 NCAA B finalist Annie Lazor came in ahead of 2016 NCAA champion and American record holding freshman Lilly King of Indiana this morning, with Lazor swimming 2:27.58 and King going 2:28.09. Expect King to surge forward tonight. She is currently 17th in the world with 2:24.47 from U.S. Nationals.

Also in the field will be Canada’s reigning national champion Kierra Smith, who will represent her country in this event, along with the 100 breast and the 4×100 medley, in Rio. Smith swam 2:28.54 this morning, well off her season best 2:23.91 from Trials.

SwimMAC’s Katie Meili was fourth in 2:28.84. Her season best is an 11th-in-the-world 2:23.69 from Austin.

Miranda Tucker, this year’s NCAA silver medalist and another freshman out of Indiana, scored fifth with 2:29.58.

Men’s 200m Breaststroke- Prelims

Top 8:

  1. Cody Miller, Badger: 2:15.70
  2. Mauro Castillo Luna, A&M: 2:16.94
  3. Miguel Chavez, Desert Dragons: 2:17.14
  4. Richard Funk, HPC-Ontario: 2:17.49
  5. Luis Jasso, Mexico: 2:17.72
  6. Miguel De Lara Ojeda, Mexico: 2:18.10
  7. Jorge Murillo Valdes, South Florida: 2:18.24
  8. Youssef El Kamash, Grand Canyon: 2:18.25

Badger Swim Club’s Cody Miller held his seed to come in first with 2:15.70, over a second ahead of the field. Miller scored his first-ever major international gold this summer in Kazan as a prelims swimmer in the 4×100 medley.

Mexican duo Mauro Castillo Luna of Texas A&M and Miguel Chavez of the Desert Dragons and Missouri S&T took the next two spots, with Luna finishing second in 2:16.94 and Chavez hitting third in 2:17.14.

Canada’s Richard Funk came in next, followed by two more Mexican swimmers, Luis Jasso and Miguel De Lara Ojeda, Colombia’s Jorge Murillo Valdes, and Egypt’s Youssef El Kamash. 

Women’s 50m Butterfly- Prelims

Top 8:

  1. Penny Oleksiak, Swimming Canada: 26.03
  2. Dana Vollmer, Cal Aquatics: 26.10
  3. Farida Osman, Unattached: 26.19
  4. Ivy Martin, Wisconsin: 26.40
  5. Kelsi Worrell, Louisville: 26.63
  6. Alyssa Marsh, SwimMAC: 26.87
  7. Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace, SwimMAC: 27.09
  8. Hellen Moffitt, North Carolina: 27.13

Penny Oleksiakthe most decorated swimmer of last month’s Canadian Trials, who will be swimming the 100 fly, 200 free, 100 free, 4×100 free relay, 4×200 free relay, and 4×100 medley relay in Rio, took the top slot in the 50 fly this morning with 26.03.

Oleksiak’s swim this morning places her 10th in the world rankings, a huge jump for the previously-unranked swimmer in the non-Olympic event.

Dana Vollmer will fight her for the win tonight, after coming in second this morning with 26.10. Cal and Egypt’s Farida Osman was certainly in the mix as well, swimming 26.19.

Wisconsin’s Ivy Martin and Louisville’s golden swimmer Kelsi Worrell took the next two slots with 26.40 and 26.63. Alyssa Marsh, Arianna Vanderpool-Wallaceand Hellen Moffitt will round out the A final.

Men’s 50m Butterfly- Prelims

Top 8:

  1. Santo Condorelli, Swimming Canada: 23.77
  2. Tim Phillips, SwimMAC: 24.22
  3. Matthew Josa, SwimMAC: 24.59
  4. Matt McHugh, Ohio State: 24.68
  5. Ryan Lochte, SwimMAC: 24.72
  6. Mark Weber, SwimMAC: 24.75
  7. Long Gutierrez, Unattached: 24.77
  8. Albert Subirats, Venezuela: 24.80

Santo Condorelli finished just one one-hundredth outside the world top 25 rankings this morning with 23.77, nearly half a second ahead of the field.

SwimMAC has a chance to dominate this event tonight, after placing swimmers in second, third, fifth, and sixth place. Tim Phillips swam 24.22 for second, Matthew Josa went 24.59 for third, Ryan Lochte went 24.72 for fifth, and Mark Weber swam 24.75 for sixth.

Ohio State’s Matt McHugh fell square in the middle of the SwimMAC crowd, swimming 24.68 for fourth.

Long Gutierrez and Albert Subirats will round out the A final.

Women’s 400m Freestyle- Prelims

Top 8:

  1. Leah Smith, Unattached: 4:05.45
  2. Lindsay Vrooman, Badger: 4:09.82
  3. G Ryan, Michigan: 4:11.69
  4. Rose Bi, Michigan: 4:13.63
  5. Kiera Janzen, Minnesota Aquatics: 4:16.37
  6. Alex Norris, Ohio State: 4:17.55
  7. Kristel Kobrich, Chile: 4:17.59
  8. Lindsey Clary, Ohio State: 4:17.89

Virginia’s 2016 NCAA champion in the 500 distance Leah Smith clocked 4:05.85 this morning to come in nearly four and a half seconds ahead of the field. (Her swim was just a second behind Katie Ledecky’s 4:04.70 in prelims of the Atlanta Classic a few states away this morning.) Smith currently sits 7th in the world with her 4:04.67 from the Arena Pro Swim at Minneapolis in November.

The second slot will go to 2015 national champion Lindsay Vrooman of Badger Swim Club, after swimming 4:09.82 this morning.

Michigan sophomore G Ryan, this year’s NCAA B final winner in the 500, swam the event in 4:11.69 for third. Her teammate Rose Bi, who took 5th in the 500 at NCAAs, swam 4:13.63 for fourth.

Minnesota senior Kiera Janzen was the fifth place finisher in 4:16.37. Alex Norris, Kristel Kobrich, and Lindsay Clary will also swim the A final tonight.

Men’s 400m Freestyle- Prelims

  1. Conor Dwyer, Trojan Swim Club: 3:52.10
  2. Connor Jaeger, Club Wolverine: 3:52.15
  3. Ricardo David Vargas Jacobo, Mexico: 3:53.04
  4. Zane Grothe, Badger Swim Club: 3:53.15
  5. Marcelo Acosta, Azura Florida: 3:53.53
  6. Michael Weiss, Wisconsin Aquatics: 3:55.31
  7. Michael Kleuh, Club Wolverine: 3:55.41
  8. Sean Ryan, Club Wolverine: 3:56.79

It was a battle of the Con(n)ors this morning, as Conor Dwyer of Trojan Swim Club took on Club Wolverine’s Connor Jaeger. The pair of 2012 Olympians were neck-and-neck through the entire final heat of the men’s prelims, but, at the touch it was Dwyer with 3:52.10. Jaeger was just .05 back in 3:52.15.

Tonight, the duo will fight it out again, but Mexico’s Ricardo Jacobo and Badger Swim Club’s a former Auburn 12-time All-American Zane Grothe could definitely work their way into the mix, after swimming 3:53.04 and 3:53.15 this morning.

Azura Florida and El Salvador’s Marcelo Acosta could also be a medal threat; he swam 3:53.53 this morning.

Wisconsin’s Michael Weiss, Club Wolverine’s Michael Klueh, and Club Wolverine’s Sean Ryan will also compete tonight.

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bobo gigi
5 years ago

Ali Deloof is on a really good spot right now.
Unlike some other US backstrokers, she will be full of confidence going to trials.
A big new PB in the 50 back yesterday in 28.02.
And today she looked very easy in the 100 back prelims.
I think she will be a new member of the sub minute club tonight in final.

Reply to  bobo gigi
5 years ago

100 down votes? Someones using a script and multiple IPs?

Blue Devil
Reply to  bossanova
5 years ago

If so, someone really needs to get a life.

Kevin B
Reply to  bossanova
5 years ago

I think something is wrong with the voting button. I just voted on a post, and it jumped up by 6 votes at once. And my next vote on another post wound up moving the counter by 3 votes.

bobo gigi
5 years ago

Hannah, just a few small corrections.

Women’s 50 free
You wrote that Madison Kennedy swam the fastest ever 50 yard free in a textile suit in Mesa clocking 24.45 for 4th in the world.
It was in long course and you probably meant the fastest ever 50 meter free swum by an American girl in a textile suit. By the way she’s ranked 6th in the world right now.
And about Dana Vollmer, her PB is not 25.00. She broke it twice in Mesa and in final she swam 24.71.

It will be interesting to see if both sprinters can swim close to those times without the crazy wind-aided conditions from Mesa. I don’t think so. 🙂

bobo gigi
Reply to  bobo gigi
5 years ago

I’m correcting my correction. 🙂 Vollmer’s 50 free PB is 24.69 since Mesa.

Cynthia mae Curran
Reply to  bobo gigi
5 years ago

BoBo GiGi, always the facts straight about times why all the not likes. I enjoy BoBo GiGI commentary.

Reply to  Cynthia mae Curran
5 years ago

Its probably just a couple REALLY dedicated people with a couple different email addresses

Reply to  PVSFree
5 years ago

Translation. Someone with no life and nothing better to do.

Reply to  Rafael
5 years ago

Unfortunately “no life and nothing better to do” applies to 90% of the world! -ie phone obsessives!

5 years ago

Vollmer’s best is 24.69 which was done at Mesa.

5 years ago

Penny Oleksiak’s 26.03 is a new World Junior Record

5 years ago

To the people who use multiple accounts to down vote all of Bobo Gigi’s comments dozens of times: seek the help you need and deserve. Mental illnesses are treatable. This kind of self destructive, angry, obsessive compulsive lifestyle cannot be happily maintained.

5 years ago

Maxime Rooney national hs record in 100 free 1:33.70

Reply to  Penguin
5 years ago

200 free

5 years ago

Did Taylor Ruck swim the 400 free today? I thought maybe it would be a sort of audition to see if she could get Canada’s second spot in that event, after all. I believe she was second at the trials but didn’t make the Canadian cut; I can’t remember if she has the FINA cut.

5 years ago

I thought mitch larkin was the world record holder of 200SCM backstroke?

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