Andrew Wilson will not swim D1 after Olympic Year (Video)

Produced by Coleman Hodges.

Reported by Reid Carlson.


  1. Andrew Wilson, Longhorn Aquatics, 1:02.06
  2. Reece Whitley, Penn Charter Academy, 1:02.17
  3. Chuck Katis, Cal, 1:02.53

Andrew Wilson added over half-a-second to his prelims time, but was still fast enough to hold off a charging Reece Whitley.  On the back-half of the race Whitley out-split the entire field with a 32.78.  Wilson had the second-fastest second 50 with a 33.11.

Brad Craig and Michael Duderstadt tied for 5th with a 1:03.72, which was faster than either of them swam in prelims.

Michael Summe of Kentucky Aquatics placed 11th with a 1:05.05, and Jared Clance of Swim Atlanta placed 21st with a 1:05.56.

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8 years ago

Don’t know whether this says more about Coach Jon Howell or Andrew, but it reflects well on both of them. Not too shabby for the Emory team next year, either!

8 years ago

Good for Andrew, swimming DI is not the “be all to end all” for great swimming. If you’re fast, you’re fast regardless of what division you swim.

Kristaps Porzingis
8 years ago

The volleyball in Cast Away was named after me

Reply to  Kristaps Porzingis
8 years ago

Pretty good swimmer too. that Wilson. Got away from that raft right quick.

8 years ago

Really pulling for this guy–could be one of the best stories of the team this year. 59 SCY as a new college freshman to 59 LCM three years later–and more to drop I bet…stick with it kids.

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