Tualatin Hills Swim Club Breaks Two National Age Group Relay Records in Time Trial

  2 Braden Keith | February 13th, 2014 | Club, Featured, News

The Tualatin Hills Swim Club held a special “Last Chance Dual Meet” on Wednesday evening. This meet, which was essentially a sanctioned time trial, was purposely set because top sprinter Nate McFaul ages up soon, and the 11-12 boys wanted to take a run at a few National Age Group Records.

It was quite a successful run at that, as they snapped two records in three attempts on the day. First, in the 200 yard free relay, they swam a 1:34.40 to demolish by two-and-a-half seconds the 2010 record set by the Eagle Swimming Association near Houston. The old record was 1:36.80, and included swimmers David Morejon, Nick Rudy, Jonathan del Real, and Matthew Kraemer.

Here was Tualatin Hills’ record-breaking lineup:

  • Trent Martinez – 23.53
  • David Liu – 24.12
  • Caspar Corbeau – 24.41
  • Nate McFaul – 22.34

Then in the 200 medley relay, the same group of four (in a different order) combined for a 1:46.05. That broke the old record set in 2012 by the Pleasanton Seahawks at 1:47.44, with the quartet of Jonah Cooper, Timothy Yao, Tyler Lu, and Christopher Jhong.

Tualatin Hills’ lineup and splits are below:

  • Back – David Liu – 27.68
  • Breast – Caspar Corbeau – 30.19
  • Fly – Nate McFaul – 24.78
  • Free – Trent Martinez – 23.40

They took one final run in the 400 free relay, and there they were a 3:54.12. That left them just a hair short of a 3rd record, with the old mark being a 3:53.04 from the Aquazot Swim Club in 2009.

Martinze, McFaul, and Corbeau all train directly under the supervision of one of the club’s assistant coaches, Ruth Stocks; Tim Larken coaches David Liu.

Full results from the event can be seen here.



  1. jimcanswim says:

    The 3:54 was for the 400 medley relay. They came up about 0.08 short….

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