American National Team swimmer, and 2013 double World Champion, Megan Romano is currently a nomadic swimmer of sorts.

When she signed a marketing deal with TYR last week, it announced that Megan was a part of team TYR, but didn’t solve the mystery of what team that Romano is with competitively.

So, we asked, and it turns out that Megan isn’t quite sure of that either.

“I’m kind of deciding right now where we want to be based,” Romano said. She had been training in Athens, Georgia, where she swam collegiately, until December when she finished her degree.

For now, she says, she’s staying in Austin after travelling there for the Grand Prix, and will be there until she heads east to Orlando for the Orlando Grand Prix in a week. Next up will be a few weeks with the North Baltimore Aquatic Club under Bob Bowman. That’s where she trained for a little burst in the lead-up to the 2013 World Championship Trials, where she made her big breakthrough to get on the U.S. World Championships team.

“Then I have no clue,” she said of her future home after that. “Just having fun with it while I can.”

Romano is a native of St. Petersburg, Florida, and is the current American Record holder in the 200 yard freestyle.

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