Megan Romano: a Nomadic Season

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 9

February 06th, 2014 National, News

American National Team swimmer, and 2013 double World Champion, Megan Romano is currently a nomadic swimmer of sorts.

When she signed a marketing deal with TYR last week, it announced that Megan was a part of team TYR, but didn’t solve the mystery of what team that Romano is with competitively.

So, we asked, and it turns out that Megan isn’t quite sure of that either.

“I’m kind of deciding right now where we want to be based,” Romano said. She had been training in Athens, Georgia, where she swam collegiately, until December when she finished her degree.

For now, she says, she’s staying in Austin after travelling there for the Grand Prix, and will be there until she heads east to Orlando for the Orlando Grand Prix in a week. Next up will be a few weeks with the North Baltimore Aquatic Club under Bob Bowman. That’s where she trained for a little burst in the lead-up to the 2013 World Championship Trials, where she made her big breakthrough to get on the U.S. World Championships team.

“Then I have no clue,” she said of her future home after that. “Just having fun with it while I can.”

Romano is a native of St. Petersburg, Florida, and is the current American Record holder in the 200 yard freestyle.

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Easy….Megan….go to MAC!!! Charlotte is a great city and you’ll be coached by one of the best sprint (and really all around coaches) the sport has ever produced. Seems like a no brainer really, unless CAL is on the radar. You have the base after UGA…would love to see what you can do with a sprint-ish program.

bobo gigi

I agree with you.
2 years ago when Megan swam the 200 free, I would have said NBAC with Allison Schmitt as training partner.
But now she’s a sprinter and the 100 free is clearly her best event so NBAC isn’t the logical choice anymore.
SwimMAC would be a great place for her.


I disagree. Just because a program is known for a certain type of training does not mean it is the right fit. The bottom line is that Megan needs to find the right coach and environment for Megan. She swam very well for Carol at Georgia, and working with Carol in Austin may be the best thing for her.


So you know Carol coached Megan every day? I thought Jack did? I thought Carol was overseas for a while when Megan was at UGA?

I agree that only Megan knows what is a good fit her her! But she should consider all avenues. The college scene has some disadvantages….the 2 months of conference, NCAAs, break, finals that post grads can be frustrated by and rightly so.


I am an absolute advocate for the University of Texas, so if she wants to swim for Capitani I say go for it! She’s a remarkable coach and the girls adore her there. It’s a familiar face, and I would say less pressure. Texas has Sogar and Bispo in their program, along with Quinn Carozza. With that said, Romano would easily be able to work sprints with Bispo, as well as her versatility in other strokes, possibly picking up the IM as Capitani pushed Sogar to NCAA champ in the 200 BR. Hersey is also stationed in Texas, so there are a lot of girls her age that would immediately welcome her to the area! I think Texas would be… Read more »


And Quinn Carozza is a junior in high school. She can’t train with college kids. So that leaves Sugar who is a breastroker….that would be a good head to head…a freestyler with a breastroker! Take off your sunglasses.


Regardless if those swimmers are present or not, Capitani coached Romano before. I know you are not saying anything about Texas negatively, but you are also not saying anything positive. She was not necessarily in a different scenario at Georgia and thrived.


And Korn..don’t be arrogant. Simply playing devil’s advocate, agree to disagree and that is all.

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