Women’s Medley Relay Prelims Lineups: U.S. Opts For White-Walsh-Hinds-Brown Team


Prior to the last heat session of the 2022 World Championships, the relay lineups for the women’s 4×100 medley relay prelims have been released.

The United States may just have the most intriguing lineup that we’ve seen to date. Because T0rri Huske and Claire Curzan are representing the U.S. in so many 100-meter individual events and need to be rested for finals, many of the people on this prelims squad did not swim the 100-meter event for their stroke individually.

Rhyan White will be swimming backstroke, which means coaches had chosen her over Katharine Berkoff. White qualified individually in the 200 back while Berkoff qualified in the 50 back, but White had finished third in the 100 back at U.S. trials compared to Berkoff’s fourth place finish.

Alex Walsh will be on breaststroke, despite the fact that the United States has two available 100 breaststrokers in Lily King and Annie Lazor. Walsh finished fifth in the 100 breast at U.S. trials in a time of 1:07.59. Although King has been struggling with the after effects of COVID-19 , she still has gotten stronger and stronger  as the meet went on and recently won the 200 breast. Lazor, on the other hand, competed in the 100 breast but was DQed in semi-finals. The decisions of the U.S. coaches indicates that either Lazor or King will not be swimming on this relay at all. Notably, they did not opt to use Kate Douglass for this stroke, even though she had just swam in the 200 breast this week and earned bronze.

Douglass, the next-highest placing 100 flyer at U.S. trials, will not be swimming the butterfly leg of this relay either. Instead, the spot will go to Natalie Hinds, who finished seventh in the 100 fly at U.S. trials and holds a best time of 58.45. And finally, Erika Brown will be swimming freestyle just like she did in the heats of the mixed medley and free relay.

Canada and Australia, the two teams that will likely be challenging the U.S. for the podium, both have opted to go for near full-strength lineups. Australia will be u McKeown-Strauch-Throssell-Wilson, with the only potential finals swap being replacing Madi Wilson for Mollie O’Callaghan on freestyle. Similarly, the only changes that could be made to Canada’s Wilm-Wog-MacNeil-Sanchez lineup would be replacing Ingrid Wilm with Kylie Masse on back and Kayla Sanchez with Penny Oleksiak on free. Kelsey Wog will be swimming the ever-so important breaststroke leg for Canada, giving her an opportunity to prove herself in the 100 breast distance after a season-best time in the 200 this week.

Full Lineups:

Heat 1:

  1. Thailand
  2. Brazil (Balduccini, Alves de Conceicao, Tomanik Diamante, Veira)
  3. Sweden (Rosvall, Hansson S., Hansson L, Sjostrom)
  4. United States (White, Walsh, Hinds, Brown)
  5. Great Britain (Harris, Henshaw, Stephens, Hope)
  6. Netherlands (Toussaint, Schouten, de Waard, Steenbergen)
  7. Greece

Heat 2:

  1. Israel (Barzelay, Gorbenko, Polonsky, Golovaty)
  2. France (Terebo, Blanchetiere, Wattel, Bonnet)
  3. China (Peng, Yu, Zhang, Yang)
  4. Australia (McKeown, Strauch, Throssell, Wilson)
  5. Canada (Wilm, Wog, MacNeil, Sanchez)
  6. Italy (Scalia, Castiglioni, di Liddo, di Pietro)
  7. South Korea (Lee, Moon, Jung, Hur)

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9 months ago

If that’s the case, why no Douglass over Hinds?? That’s actually a no drama decision

Tracy Kosinski
9 months ago

YES CANADA!!!! Go girls 🇨🇦❤️🌟❤️🇨🇦🌟🇨🇦❤️

Tori huske Stan
9 months ago

Who made this decision? Why would White swim on the relay?? She was clearly off what she went in the 200 back at trials. Why would Bacon not be on this?? Something’s not adding up.

Breaststroke??? Did we not use Annie because we were worried about a DQ?

Fly — Hinds??? Over Douglass? Confused

Brown is the only one who made sense

eye guy
Reply to  Tori huske Stan
9 months ago

White is much better at the 100 than Bacon. She qualified for the Olympics in the event last year and has gone 58 low. You can make the argument to swim Berkhoff, but not Bacon.

9 months ago


9 months ago

Pad the medal count. Tweet about it. Rinse and repeat.

Fobby Binke
Reply to  MCH
9 months ago

So he can brag that UVA swimmers won a gazillion worlds medals. Good for recruiting.

Reply to  Fobby Binke
9 months ago

Wow you are obsessed with this. Let it go, man

9 months ago

Good move for Canada testing Nicol out on the mixed Medley. With a 7 low split she should get the breast not. Sadly Wog could not translate her rebounded 2brst into anything close to her 2020 106 speed. And Pickrem no where near on form this trip.

Reply to  Njones
9 months ago

I agree. But Canada needs better than a 7 low. Such a shame that Canada hasn’t been able to develop a good sprint breaststroker given that the other three legs of their women’s relay are top tier.

Tracy Kosinski
Reply to  CanSwimFan
9 months ago

Sorry? Haven’t your breaastrokers had trouble lately? Nicol and Wog are world class swimmers, maybe a second off your girls in the 100? Your girls haven’t been swimming to par in the 100 lately, yes? I’m sure Wog will be on FIRE today, thank you for your concern tho!

9 months ago

It’s so self-unaware when America makes selections based off of bathtub swimming. Like surely the coaches know that the rest of the world doesn’t care who did what in the NCAA bathtub, right? The clock doesn’t lie and the fact is that NCAA breaststroke is simply LOL level

Reply to  Notanyswimmer
9 months ago

3/6 women’s breaststroke medalists in the Olympic distances are current or former NCAA swimmers? Seems like it’s a pretty high level to me

Awsi Dooger
9 months ago

I wonder if Mallory is considering retirement? She only got one swim, a prelim in the opening event. Just guesswork but she posted a contemplative and somewhat sad looking photo tonight on Instagram, with a header asking what she was thinking. There were lots of typical wisecrack replies from teammates. But the comment that stood out to me was someone who tried to encourage saying she should be thinking she has plenty more to give to the sport. No likes to that comment so far. I was hoping Mallory herself would like it quickly.

Sixth place at freestyle in trials is basically last on the team. I didn’t think Mallory would get another event. But she might have had inflated… Read more »

Reply to  Awsi Dooger
9 months ago

I read somewhere she had over training syndrome during covid? anyways paris is only 2 years away, still time to train and get back to her 2017 form

Reply to  swimfan
9 months ago

I think it was mono.

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