Winter Junior Championships- West: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap

by Michael Hamann 6

December 10th, 2021 Club, News, Previews & Recaps


Friday morning boys heat sheet

Friday morning girls heat sheet

The second prelim of Winter Juniors- West kicks off this morning at 9 AM CST on the campus of the University of Texas in Austin. Highlighting this morning’s session is a loaded girls 400 IM event, which features both Sandpiper Olympians Katie Grimes and Bella Sims, along with top seed Justina Kozan. All three are also slated to compete in the 200 free this morning as well. Another Sandpiper swimmer, Ilya Kharun, comes in as the top seed in the boy 100 fly, while a pair of Rose Bowl swimmers, Zach Larrick and Rex Maurer, come in as the top two seeds in the boys 200 free.

The boys session will also be hit hard by scratches, particularly in the 100 breast. Top seed Zhier Fan, fourth seed Tona Zinn and 13th seed Lance Johnson have all scratched the boys 100 breast this morning. Zinn also scratched the 400 IM, where he was the 12th seed. The only notable girls scratch is Clovis’ Mackenzie Miller, who was the 11th seed in the 100 breast.

Girls 400 IM

  • Meet record: Brooke Forde (Lakeside Seahawks): 4:02.51

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Katie Grimes (SAND): 4:07.17
  2. Justina Kozan (UN-CA): 4:12.11
  3. Lucy Bell (FAST): 4:13.86
  4. Kathryn Hazle (NCA): 4:14.68
  5. Katie McCarthy (EDI): 4:16.93
  6. Camden Doane (KING): 4:18.24
  7. Paige Kuwata (SAND): 4:18.47
  8. Carli Cronk (AAAA): 4:18.65

Sandpiper Olympian Katie Grimes cruised to the top seed by over five seconds, posting a 4:07.17, which comes a little less than a second off of her lifetime best. Top seed Justina Kozan will swim next to her this evening in lane 5 after qualifying second in 4:12.11.

Another Sandpiper swimmer, Paige Kuwata, also qualified for the A final with a 4:18.47. Carli Cronk of Alamo Area dropped a 4:18.65 in the early heats after coming in with a long course seed and qualified 8th.

Boys 400 IM

  • Meet record: Carson Foster (Mason Manta Rays): 3:38.65

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Maximus Williamson (NTN): 3:47.33
  2. Kyle Brill (UN-CA): 3:48.62
  3. Keaton Jones (NEP): 3:48.81
  4. Cooper Lucas (LAC): 3:49.31
  5. Mason Edmund (NTN): 3:50.20
  6. Humberto Najera (UN-CA): 3:50.75
  7. Brice Barrieault (SAND): 3:50.92
  8. Keller Morgan (EVO): 3:51.56

North Texas Nadadores’ Maximus Williamson dropped a four second lifetime best to snag the top seed in 3:47.33 and setting up his encore performance after blasting a 1:43.16 to win last night’s 200 IM. Following behind him was Kyle Brill, who dropped 2.8 seconds from his seed to dip under 3:50 for the first time.

Neptunes’ Keaton Jones qualified in third in 3:48.81, also breaking the 3:50 barrier for the first time.

Notably, top seed Giovanni Linscheer of City of Richardson declare false started the race.

Girls 100 Fly

  • Meet record: Claire Curzan (TAC Titans): 50.87

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Lucy Bell (FAST): 52.85
  2. Bella Sims (SAND): 53.14
  3. Annika Parkhe (PAC): 53.32
  4. Renee Gillilan (FAST): 53.41
  5. Maggie Schalow (NOVA): 53.48
  6. Angela Quan (SCSC): 53.51
  7. Katie Crom (UN-CA): 53.57
  8. Kennedy Noble (PSC): 53.76

Top seed Lucy Bell of Fort Collins will head into tonight’s final as the top qualifier after posting a 52.85 in the prelims. That is 6 tenth add from the Stanford commit’s lifetime best. Her teammate Renee Gillilan qualified fourth in a new lifetime best of 53.41.

Coming in behind Bell was Sandpiper Olympian Bella Sims, who qualified second in 53.14, which is also well off of her lifetime best of 52.26. Interestingly, Sims opted for the 100 fly over the 400 IM, where she was the third overall seed.

Boys 100 Fly

  • Meet record: Ryan Hoffer (Scottsdale Aquatic Club): 45.46

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Ilya Kharun (SAND): 46.50
  2. Connor Foote (AAAA): 46.87
  3. Bryce Halterman (PATH): 46.96
  4. Brian Lee (BC): 47.00
  5. Alec Filipovic (SCST): 47.50
  6. David Schmitt (EVO): 47.56
  7. Holden Smith (UN-CA): 47.60
  8. Conor McKenna (LAC): 47.62

Sandpiper’s Ilya Kharun dropped a huge lifetime best of 46.50 to take the top seed into tonight’s final. That swim is a lifetime best by over 6 tenths and marks the first time Kharun has dipped under the 47 second barrier.

Alamo Area’s Connor Foote qualified second in 46.87, also dropping under 47 seconds for the first time. A pair of huge drops qualified for third and fourth, as both Bryce Halterman (46.96) and Brian Lee (47.00) dropped over a second and a half to qualify 3rd and 4th, respectively.

Girls 200 Free

  • Meet record: Regan Smith (Riptide) 1:43.27

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Bella Sims (SAND): 1:44.31
  2. Leah Hayes (TIDE): 1:44.69
  3. Justina Kozan (UN-CA): 1:45.71
  4. Katie Grimes (SAND): 1:45.83
  5. Teagan O’Dell (NOVA): 1:45.85
  6. Claire Weinstein (SAND): 1:46.01
  7. Macky Hodges (UN-CA): 1:46.07
  8. Sydney Smith (DADS): 1:46.88

The Sandpipers put three girls in the A final of the 200 free, led by Bella Sims‘ top qualifying time of 1:44.31. Katie Grimes qualified 4th in 1:45.83, while Claire Weinstein qualified 6th in 1:46.01. Both Sims and Grimes added from their lifetime best, while that swim is a lifetime best by 1.6 seconds for Weinstein.

Leah Hayes of the Fox Valley Park District qualified second in 1:44.69, a huge lifetime best by 2.3 seconds. That follows her massive 1:54.0 200 IM from last night, which earned her the event title.

Boys 200 Free

  • Meet record: Drew Kibler (Carmel Swim Club): 1:33.40

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Nate Germonprez (ISWM): 1:35.54
  2. Rex Maurer (ROSE): 1:35.58
  3. Zach Larrick (ROSE): 1:35.83
  4. Maximus Williamson (NTN): 1:36.12
  5. Cooper Lucas (LAC): 1:36.43
  6. Chase Mueller (FST): 1:36.64
  7. Keaton Jones (NEP): 1:36.78
  8. Samuel Quarles (CSTE): 1:37.01

Inspire Swim Team’s Nate Germonprez broke 1:36 for the first time to nab the top seed for tonight’s final in 1:35.54. That swim is a 6 tenth drop for the University of Texas commit.

Rose Bowl teammates Rex Mauer and Zach Larrick will flank Germonprez this evening, with Maurer qualifying second in 1:35.58 and Larrick finishing third in 1:35.83.

Several 400 IM A finalists also qualified for the 200 free A final, with Maximus Williamson, Cooper Lucas and Keaton jones all earning their second A final of the day.

Girls 100 Breast

  • Meet record: Alex Walsh (Nashville Aquatic Club): 58.19

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Piper Enge (BC): 59.83
  2. Aubree Brouwer (SPA): 1:00.01
  3. Emma Weber (TOPS): 1:00.59
  4. Bella Brito (CITI): 1:00.62
  5. Gillian Tu (SMAC): 1:00.85
  6. (Tie) Caroline Bricker (COSA)/Mary Codevilla: 1:01.04
  7. ——
  8. Teagan O’Dell (NOVA): 1:01.23

The Bellevue Club’s Piper Enge dropped 6 tenths to go break the 1:00 barrier for the first time and take the top seed heading into finals with a 59.83. She was followed closely by Springfield’s Aubree Brouwer, who won the final heat with a new lifetime best of 1:00.01.

Finishing in third was Denver Hilltoppers’ Emma Weber, who touched in 1:00.59. That clocks in off of her lifetime best of 59.74.

Top seed Caroline Bricker of Colorado Springs added 1.3 seconds from her seed to qualify in a tie for sixth in 1:01.04 with Elevation’s Mary Codevilla, who dropped 2.12 seconds to qualify for the A final.

Boys 100 Breast

  • Meet record: Michael Andrew (Indie Swimming): 52.21

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Kledi Kadiu (CSP): 53.67
  2. Luca Gissendander (SAC): 53.79
  3. Charlie Arnold (BC): 53.80
  4. Kael Mlinek (ISWM): 54.02
  5. Hank Rivers (GWSC): 54.10
  6. Logan Brown (FCST): 54.34
  7. Will Bonnett (PKWY): 54.38
  8. Drew Kistler (SWAT): 54.40

CSP Tideriders’ Kledi Kadiu dropped a massive lifetime best to qualify as the top seed in 53.67. That swim is a lifetime best of 1.8 seconds and Kadiu’s first time under both the 55 and 54 second barrier.

Scottsdale’s Luca Gissendaner qualified second in 53.79, which is just off of his lifetime best of 53.50. Bellevue Club’s Charlie Arnold also posted a massive lifetime best of 53.80 to qualify in third. Similar to Kadiu, Arnold’s swim marks his first time under both 55 and 54 seconds.

Girls 100 Back

  • Meet record: Katherine Berkoff (Missoula Aquatic Club): 50.72

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Kennedy Noble (PSC): 52.93
  2. Emma Kern (AQJT): 53.33
  3. Casaundra Moses (SPA): 53.53
  4. Charlotte Wilson (TOPS): 53.70
  5. Annika Parkhe (PAC): 53.83
  6. Ana Rojas (COSA): 54.09
  7. Sydney Bales (CUDA): 54.10
  8. Amy Zhang (RSD): 54.12

Top seed Kennedy Noble cruised to the top qualifying time in the 100 back, winning the final heat in 52.93. Despite adding nearly a second and a half from her lifetime best, Noble will still head into the final as the top seed by four tenths.

Aquajets’ Emma Kern qualified second in 53.33, shaving .07 off of her previous lifetime best. Springfield’s Casaundra Moses dropped a full second to qualify third in 53.53.

Patriot Aquatics’ Annika Parkhe came in with a long course seed and blasted a 53.83 in the early heats. The time stood firm through the rest of the prelims, qualifying Parkhe fifth for the final.

Boys 100 Back

  • Meet record: Ryan Hoffer (Scottsdale Aquatic Club): 45.58

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Nick Simons (LOSC): 46.65
  2. Quintin McCarty (PPA): 47.19
  3. Kyle Brill (UN-CA): 47.49
  4. Chase Mueller (FST): 47.80
  5. Marcus Gentry (SSS): 47.95
  6. Keaton Jones (NEP): 48.10
  7. Tommy Roder (OAPB): 48.19
  8. Ronald Dalmacio (ROSE): 48.27

Lake Oswego’s Nick Simons will head into tonight’s final as the favorite, having dropped three quarters of a second in take the top spot in 46.65. Pike’s Peak’s Quintin McCarty qualified second in 47.19, which is a two second drop.

Neptunes’ Keaton Jones qualified for his third A final of the evening, posting a 48.10 to qualify 6th.

The top seed heading into the event, Nate Germonprez, notably declared a false start after qualifying first for the 200 free final this evening.

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11 months ago

I wonder what Sim’s 400 time will be next time she swims. I seriously think she would have made team usa in the event if she swam it this year at trials

Mo Money
11 months ago

Hmmmm. Bella Brito from Beach Cities Swimming (14) 1:00.6 new So Cal record in 1Br, 22.8 50 Free and 1:58 2IM…..Seem you all are over looking someone.

Chef Jake
Reply to  Mo Money
11 months ago

She’s been cooking for a bit now…1:03.4 in December 2020. She’s on the curve let’s hope it can continue!

11 months ago

Mark my words, Kathryn Hazle of NCA is on a trjectory. She will be the future of swimming. She has been improving rapidly over the past year and is a PB machine. I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes it to NCAA’s and trials by 2024. Terry at CAL sees what I see!

11 months ago

Maximus Williamson has completed a great triple: 3.47.33 in the 400 IM, 1.36.12 in the 200 free and 48.27 in the 100 back (very late start due to problems in lane 7). Very promising, energetic swimmer (great his high tempo but smooth backstroke, beyond his free) and his 400 IM final today will probably be very near to Goat’s Nag record.

Swim Dad
Reply to  nuotofan
11 months ago

Maximus actually tied Ronald Dalmacio for eighth and went to a swim off where he secured the eight spot with a time of 47.6. It should be a fun race from the outside lane tonight.