Who’s Swimming at Winter Junior Nationals 2012? (Psych Sheets)

Twice a year, every winter and every summer, there’s a conflict for the top junior swimmers in the country. Many have qualified both for junior and senior nationals (especially in the winter), and when the meets are in different cities they have to decide which meet to swim at, or whether to foot the bill to travel to both. Is there more to be gained by swimming against the pros and maybe finishing in the top 10, or by winning against the juniors?

There are strong points to be made on both sides of the argument, but with the release of the Junior Nationals psych sheets, we’ll learn who has chosen what this winter.

This year’s meet will begin on Thursday in Knoxville, Tennessee, at the other UT (University of Tennessee) pool, and run three days through Saturday. The meet is open for 18 & unders and will feature much larger entry lists than we saw at Sr. Nationals

Full 2012 Winter Junior National Psych Sheets Here.

A full preview will come in the next few days, but for now, here’s a list at some of the major names who are coming out for this year’s meet. It would appear that there are very few, if any, overlaps from Senior Nationals.

Men”s lineup

  • Jimmy Yoder, 17, Stingray Aquatics, Georgia (Stanford Commit)
  • Stephen Stumph, 18, Orinda Aquatics, California (USC Commit)
  • Sven Campbell, 18, Orinda Aquatics, California (Cal Commit)
  • Matthew Josa, 17, SwimMAC Carolina, NC (Queens University Commit)
  • Kyle Darmody, 18, SwimMAC Carolina, NC (Auburn Commit)
  • Santo Condorelli, 17, Bolles School, Florida (USC Commit)
  • Caeleb Dressel, 16, Bolles School, Florida
  • Joe Schooling, 17, Bolles School, Florida (Singapore National)
  • Josh Booth, 16, Bolles School, Florida (British National)
  • Michael Andrew, 13, Team Andrew Indie Swimming, Kansas
  • Michael Duderstadt, 18, Panama City Swim Team, Florida (Auburn Commit)*
  • Aaron Greene, 18, North Texas Nadadores (Louisville Commit)
  • Curtis Ogren, 16, PASA, California
  • Andrew Liang, 16, PASA, California
  • Maxime Rooney, 14, Pleasanton Seahawks, California
  • Justin McArthur, 15, Lakewood Aquatics, California
  • Joseph Carbone, 15, Unattached, Iowa
  • William Glass, 17, City of Mobile Swim Team, Alabama (Texas Commit)
  • Daryl Turner, 17, Aces Swim Club, Colorado (Minnesota Commit)
  • David Morgan, 17, Crow Canyon Country Club, California (USC Commit)
  • Nickolaus Orf, 17, Parkway Swim Club, Missouri

Women’s Team

  • Kristen Vredeveld, 17, Baylor Swim Club, Tennessee (Cal Commit)
  • Olivia Barker, 17, Sandpipers of Nevada, Nevada (Indiana Commit)
  • Ashley Neidigh, 16, Bolles School, Florida (Auburn)
  • Cece Williams, 16, ATAC, Florida
  • Cameron McHugh, 16, Katy Aquatics, Texas
  • Meaghan Raab, 16, Hershey Aquatics, Pennsylvania
  • Kathleen Baker, 15, SwimMAC Carolina, NC
  • Alyssa Marsh, 15, SwimMAC Carolina, NC (daughter of Olympic coach David Marsh)
  • Ally Howe, 16, PASA, California
  • Ella Eastin, 15, Unattached, California
  • Madisyn Cox, 17, Lubbock Swim Club, Texas (Texas Commit)
  • Maggie D’Innocenzo, 17, Crimson Aquatics, New England (USC Commit)
  • Tasija Karosas, 17, St. Andrew’s Swim Club (Texas Commit)
  • Katrina Konopka, 15, Y-Spartaquatics, South Carolina
  • Linnea Mack, 17, Osprey Aquatics, California
  • Victoria Bindi, 14, Club Sailfish, Florida
  • Lindsey Horejsi, 15, Atlantis Swimming, Minnesota (MN High School Record holder)
  • Leah Stevens, 16, Lakeside Swim Team, Kentucky
  • Kylie Jordan, 14, Snow Swimming, Virginia
  • Taylor Garcia, 15, Michigan Lakeshore Aquatics, Michigan
  • Abby Weitzeil, 16, Canyon Aquatics, California
  • Madison White, Crow Canyon Country Club, California (UCLA Commit)
  • Heidi Poppe, 16, Crow Canyon Country Club, California
  • Katharine Ross, 17, Central Iowa Aquatics (Missouri Commit)
  • Hannah Moore, 16, Raleigh Swimming, NC
  • Megan Kingsley, Mount Pleasent, SC


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swim TX
8 years ago

There is also another conflict beyond which meet to attend. And that is whether this will be a shave and taper meet. For some it is; for others, it will be a good mid-season check point meet and great competition but will not be their short course championship meet.

8 years ago

no Conger?

Reply to  scott
8 years ago

Tom Dolan meet.
psych sheet. http://pvswim.org/1213meet/13-27-psych.pdf

Reply to  bobby
8 years ago


8 years ago

I assume that although hes only signed up for three events, he will lead off some relays for some freestyle times.

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