Who Is NOT Swimming at the 2024 U.S. Olympic Trials, Despite Qualifying


More than 700 swimmers are set to descend on Indianapolis for the U.S. Olympic Trials later this week, but a few dozen will be absent from the pool inside Lucas Oil Stadium despite qualifying for the meet. The list features some surprising names, including a pair of Tokyo Olympic medalists as well as multiple top-5 performers this season.

Credit to commenter “cheese” for doing the heavy lifting:

U.S. Olympic Trials Qualifiers Not Entered on Psych Sheets


  • Sam Artmann (100 fly, 200 fly)
  • Noah Bowers (200 free, 100 fly, 200 fly)
  • Santo Condorelli (50 free, 100 free, 100 fly)
  • Tim Connery (50 free, 100 free)
  • Cole Crane (100 fly, 200 fly)
  • Jace Crawford (100 fly)
  • Drew Eubanks (200 breast)
  • Braeden Haughey (100 back, 200 back)
  • Drew Hitchcock (200 fly, 200 IM, 400 IM)
  • Jason Louser (100 breast, 200 breast)
  • Jake Newmark (200 free)
  • Daniel Roy (100 breast, 200 breast)
  • Sebastien Sergile (200 fly, 200 IM)
  • Tyler Sesvold (100 fly)
  • Miles Simon (50 free)
  • Nick Simons (100 back)
  • Jack VanDeusen (1500 free)
  • Tyler Watson (400 IM)


  • Iza Adame (100 breast)
  • Emma Atkinson (100 back)
  • Elise Bauer (800 free, 1500 free)
  • Angie Coe (200 IM, 400 IM)
  • Kaitlyn Dobler (100 breast, 200 breast)
  • Sarah Foley (100 breast)
  • Aspen Gersper (50 free, 100 back)
  • Laura Goettler (200 breast, 400 IM)
  • Abby Hay (200 breast, 200 IM, 400 IM)
  • Natalie Hinds (50 free, 100 free, 100 fly)
  • Georgia Johnson (200 breast)
  • Haley McDonald (200 free, 200 back, 200 IM, 400 IM)
  • Olivia McMurray (800 free)
  • Abby Pfeifer (800 free)
  • Bri Roberson (50 free)
  • Aris Runnels (100 back, 100 fly)
  • Grace Sheble (200 IM, 400 IM)
  • Claire Tuggle (400 free)

Former Stanford swimmer Daniel Roy came out of retirement at the beginning this year, blasting a personal-best 2:09.57 just a couple months into his comeback that ranks him as the fourth-fastest American this season behind Nic Fink (2:08.85), Jake Foster (2:08.78), and Matthew Fallon (2:08.18). However, the 2017 world junior champion is mysteriously absent from the Trials psych sheet.

Similarly, Kaitlyn Dobler is ranked 5th in both the 100 breast (1:06.71) and 200 breast (2:28.64) among Americans this season. But the recent USC graduate is not entered in either event just a week after captioning her latest Instagram post, “Taper time!”

Canadian-turned-Italian-turned-American swimmer Santo Condorelli appeared to be an Olympic hopeful in the 50 free (21.89) as the sixth-fastest American in the event this season behind Jack Alexy (21.86), David Curtiss (21.85), Caeleb Dressel (21.84), Michael Andrew (21.71), and Ryan Held (21.68). However, Mr. International won’t technically be eligible to represent the U.S. on the international stage until next month — three years after the Tokyo Olympics, where the 29-year-old helped Italy earn a silver medal as a prelims contributor to the men’s 4×100 free relay — and USA Swimming criteria require athletes to be eligible at the time of the qualifying competition.

Another 4×100 free relay Tokyo Olympic medalist, Florida graduate Natalie Hinds, is skipping Olympic Trials after qualifying in three events: the 50 free, 100 free, and 100 fly.

There’s also a sizable crew from the University of Texas that tapped out: rising sophomore Angie Coe, rising senior Olivia McMurray, recent graduate Abby Pfeifer, and 2023 graduates Cole Crane and Sam Artmann. Texas commit Haley McDonald (’25) bowed out of the most events after qualifying in the 200 free, 200 back, 200 IM, and 400 IM.

Dobler’s Trojan teammate, Claire Tuggle, opted out of the 400 free. She has been as fast as 4:07.85 back in 2019 and qualified with a 4:15.01 last July, but checked in with a 4:22 at the Speedo Grand Challenge tune-up last month.

Noah Bowers, a 2023 graduate of NC State, announced his retirement after winning ACC title in 200 fly as a fifth year last season.

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11 days ago

We need to get to the bottom of why Santo is not in the psyche sheets.

11 days ago

I made a few errors in the initial run-through. Olivia McMurray is also scratched from the 400 Free. Tim Connery should be vying for the 100/200 Free, not the 50/100 Free. Jason Louser has a 200 Fly cut as well.

tea rex
11 days ago

Curious – are there any anti-doping protocols to complete to be eligible for trials?

11 days ago

Does the listing as given above really change the conversation as to a) who’s in 1st and 2nd for individual slots; 2)spaces on relays? I’m guessing not, but I am curious about this point.

11 days ago

There’s definitely a range in regard to those listed having a chance of altering the finals and/or Olympic qualifiers. For example, Kaitlyn Dobler would sit as the 3rd seed in the 100 Breast, which bodes well for a chance not only at finaling, but also securing an Olympic berth. In that same race, Iza Adame and Sarah Foley would sit in 34th and 78th place, respectively.

Taking into account the scratches from those who remain on the pre-scratch psych sheet but opted to not contest all of their events (e.g. Curzan in the 50 Free), the swimmers listed would seed as follows:

Sam Artmann (29th in 200 Fly, 32nd in 100 Fly)
Noah Bowers (16th in 100 Fly,… Read more »

Hoosier fan
11 days ago

What about Annie Lazor?

Reply to  Hoosier fan
11 days ago

She retired 18 months ago, so yes I suppose she qualifies, but this was more focused on people who didn’t announce a retirement.

Hoosier fan
Reply to  Braden Keith
11 days ago

My mistake. Annie did retire at Nationals in June 2023. I thought this list would be exhaustive and would include retirees. I’m sure there are quite a few qualifiers now retired.

Reply to  Hoosier fan
11 days ago

Matt Brownstead, Zane Grothe, Brennan Gravely, Hali Flickinger, Annie Lazor, Sierra Schmidt, Kristen Stege, Megan Drumm, Ainsley Jones, Amanda Ray, Sarah Barton, and Alyssa Graves have all announced their retirements after getting cuts during the qualification window. Noah Bowers has since joined this list but hadn’t announced until recently, hence his inclusion.

Reid Mikuta also had a cut but has been charged with rape and hasn’t competed since before his indictment in December 2023.

Wyatt Davis and Kensey McMahon both had cuts prior to their suspensions.

Interestingly, Jared Daigle had announced his retirement, but he has shown up on both psych sheets, so perhaps he’s returning for one final go-around?

11 days ago

Looking at Coe’s Insta she appears to be back in Taiwan, which is where she’s from.

11 days ago

Isn’t it true Santo Condorelli has multiple options for nationalities to compete for?

Ranger Coach
Reply to  Seth
11 days ago

That is why he was listed as Canadian-turned-Italian-turned-American. He last competed for Italy three years ago.

11 days ago

Elise Bauer hit the booze and party stage. Seems like she’s done swimming. No hate, she deserves to have fun. 22 now

Source 1
Reply to  Eli
4 days ago

Orrrrr she started graduate school???? Check your facts next time genius

Don’t lie
Reply to  Eli
4 days ago

Orrrr she started graduate school??? Don’t make up stupid rumors.

Swim Enthusiast
Reply to  Eli
3 days ago

More like moving on with her career. You know adult things…unlike your comment.

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