What’s Up? USA Swimming Open Water World Team check in

Of course we’re fired up following the progress of Team USA at the upcoming world championships.  The pool events don’t kick off until the 28th – but our open water team will see action on the 20th with the 5K event.

Here’s an update from national champion Christine Jennings on how the team is doing during training camp:

As you know the pool World Championship team left today to head to training camp in Bilbao, Spain, but what many of you do not know is that the Open Water World Championships team has been at it all week in Mataro, Spain training in preparation for the OW competition to start on the 20th.

Welcome to the wonderful world of open water swimming!

We arrived into Spain on July 11th.  We have the veterans: Alex, Andrew, Sean, Eva, Haley, and myself. And then we have the newbies: Becca and Jordan.  We’ve had some awesome training sessions in the pool where I’ve been able to see several people step up and swim lights out while cheering each other on. Also, in the open water sessions I have been able to see the veterans stepping in to teach and mentor the newbies.  This is what “TEAM” is all about.

Here is a quick recap of our trip thus far:  Mataro has welcomed Team USA with open arms.  The people have been hospitable and caring.  If we ever needed something, it was no problem for them.   We also were able to meet the Mayor of Mataro today where we were given a history lesson about the city of Mataro (which is actually very interesting!).  We have made friends with the coast guard patrol several times while out in the open water (the coaches got in trouble).  And we are enjoying gelato just about every day here!

We’ve all been having a fantastic camp.  Being part of the Open Water team is always a special privilege.  We don’t just bond; we become family.  The time we spend together, the memories we make all make me come to realize just how truly special it is and how blessed I am to be able to be part of this family.

Adios! Christine

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YEA US Open Water Worlds Team! Christine, great article! All The Best to you all!

John Stone

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