Watch Pernille Blume’s 23.85 50 Free From Euros


Olympic champion Pernille Blume of Denmark keeps raising the bar in the women’s 50m freestyle, setting a new European Championships Record and Danish National Record while competing in tonight’s semi-final in Glasgow.

Producing a solid morning effort of 24.27 in the heats, Blume fired off a swift 23.85 to claim the top seed headed into tomorrow night’s final. The 24-year-old represented just 1 of 2 swimmers to dip under the 24-second threshold in tonight’s semi, with Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom taking the #2 spot in 23.92.

For Blume, her effort tonight overtakes her own Danish NR of 23.92, a time she earned just earlier this year to mark her first time ever under 24 seconds. She won the gold medal in Rio in a time of 24.07, so already she and Sjostrom have easily surpassed that outing even here at Euros.

Blume now moves up ahead of Sweden’s retired star Therese Alshammar to tie Ranomi Kromowidjojo of Netherlands as the 4th fastest performer of all-time.

Fastest 50m freestylers all-time, entering European Championships

1 Sarah Sjostrom 23.67
2 Britta Steffen 23.73
3 Cate Campbell 23.78
4 Ranomi Kromowidjojo 23.85
5 Therese Alshammar 23.88
6 Pernille Blume 23.92

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4 years ago

Shame about her sketchy as hell TUE

Reply to  Sprintdude9000
4 years ago

She has had asthma since 2010 so if her asthma medicine helps her perform as you suggest, it is a bit weird that her big break happened as long as 6 years after she began taking the medicine..

Reply to  B...S...
4 years ago

Yeah, she was given a TUE for an asthma medication that specifically [to quote] “improves power and sprinting ability”…go figure

Reply to  SprintDude9000
4 years ago

I’m guessing an asthma medicine wouldn’t be of much help to Blume on the 50 free though, since she holds her breath the whole race?

Reply to  Stefan
4 years ago

Her medication has a SIDE EFFECT of improving sprint performance and muscular power. There are a number of inhalers available for use by those with asthma that don’t enhance performance yet she specifically obtained a TUE to use this particular one

Michael j. Mooney
4 years ago

She may beat Sjostrom

Justin Thompson
4 years ago

A beautiful swim to say the least.

4 years ago

She was better than her competitors at every single part of that race: Start, underwater, break out, and turnover over the last 20m.

4 years ago

Any video of Glinta going 24.12 and Kolesnikovs Insane WJR of 24.25. The mens backstroke is already awesome. Kolesnikov might get Murphy’s WR

Reply to  IM FAN
4 years ago

Look at they post some videos from the chanpionship

Reply to  IM FAN
4 years ago

Why Kolesnikov and not Glinta?

4 years ago

Isn’t Blume sponsored by Speedo? What’s with the TYR cap?

Reply to  K.A.
4 years ago

I think that TYR sponsors the Danish Swimming Federation so she has to wear it, much like F. Manaudou often wore the TYR cap and Speedo suit and goggles

Karl Ortegon
4 years ago

Watched this strictly to hear the Swedish commentators speak Swedish.

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