Watch the new Nike Swim Commercial for the Nike NG-1 (Video)

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Via Vimeo:

Nike NG-1

Specifically engineered for the elite swimmer using Hydroflow, the Nike NG-1 combines two hydrophobic stretch-woven fabrics to help limit water absorption and reduce drag for an optimum balance between flexibility and compression keeping you one stroke ahead of the competition.

Nike Swift Elite Goggles  – Focus on Fast

Specifically engineered for the elite swimmer, the Nike Swift Elite Goggles activate Hydroflow with lay-flat straps, a sleek nose bridge and smooth lenses that extend the streamline surface over the cheekbone ensuring a low profile that helps reduce drag at all points of stroke so you can focus on winning.

Nike Swift Elite Cap – Lead with Speed

Specifically engineered for the elite swimmer, the Nike Swift Elite Cap activates Hydroflow with stretch mapping and a micro-texture coating on the signature mohawk stripe to create a fast sleek cap that helps keep a streamline shape with optimum fit & comfort so you can slice through the water.

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Joel Lin

Really cool goggles, and a great new product line. Unlikely we will see Phelps in any swoosh products. I would wager Nike is going to be Missy Franklin’s first major deal. Nike is deliberate, focused and deeper pocketed than anyone in the market.

Wow. Where does Speedo go from here? Bueller…Bueller?


Of course Phelps won’t be in a nike suit he is speedo’s #1 athlete. Missy Franklin’s first deal will be arena because it is the best suit on the market and the current national team sponsor. Speedo Is slowly loosing grasp on having for the most part a monopoly on swimming. For years they have been putting out inferior racing suits to a few other brand but put far more into marketing and had year of branding behind them. the last truly elite suit speedo put out was the original LZR. But then everyone else looked at it and said speedo put out a half A**ed product and proceeded make the entire suit rubber making the LZR not that great… Read more »

Phelps is with Under Armor for apparel and has no suit deal. He isn’t Speedo’s anything anymore.


Really did he’s speed contract end when he “retired”

I would assume. He wears under armour all the time now and was wearing an arena with the logo blacked out in Arizona.


I believe he was wearing an Arena CP in his ‘comeback’ meet..


That makes sense that he’s wearing arena now as it matches up with my point about missy franklin. but the Under Armor apparel also intrigues my last point about an Under Armor suit. Thank you for that up to date information Hulk swim.


Contract ended Dec. 31st, 2013. Nothing was really said other than he no longer has a suit contract, no info as to whether or not he or Speedo did not decide to renew. I am guessing him? The blacked out arena logo is ensure him not endorsing their product directly, I am assuming trying it out to see if that is a suit he would like to wear. Hence no conversation about the suit he wore and how he felt about it.

T Hill

Note on the NIKE NG-1 suits, that athletes are finding them the best fit, most comfortable suit they’ve worn (all shapes/sizes). The elite swimmers who have tried & worn them have raved about them. In time the athletes (not just those sponsored) will move towards the suit that works & isn’t uncomfortable. Much improved over past NIKE hi-tech suits – so keep making innovative changes.

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