Usain Bolt Says He Would Beat Aussie Icon Ian Thorpe In Swim Race

We were already treated to a much-hyped clash of the titans in the form of 23-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps racing a Great White Shark to kick-off this year’s Shark Week on the Discovery Network. But another unexpected, high-profile battle may indeed be brewing.

While at an ‘Optus Speed Of Bolt’ party event in Sydney, Australia over the weekend, Olympic icons Ian Thorpe and recently retired track star Usain Bolt were speaking to the crowd when Bolt decided to throw out his hypothetical racing predictions. The Jamaican sprinter and reigning fastest man in the world told the audience that he can swim faster than 5-time Olympic gold medalist Thorpe, the man who owned 3 world records at one time and still owns two Australian long course national records in the 200m and 400m freestyle.

“First of all, I can swim faster than you,” Bolt said. “Are you ready for this? Let me say something, let’s analyse this. First of all, I’m taller than him which means my legs are longer than his, my shoulders are broader than yours and my hand reach is longer than yours, that’s three things that prove I can swim faster than him.

“You can probably do freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, whatever, but I can run on water, easy.” (The Sunday Telegraph)

Thorpe, along with the 400 VIP guests in attendance, reportedly responded to the statements with silence, which led the MC to comment, “Ian Thorpe came here to interview Usain Bolt, but Usain Bolt ended up interviewing Usain Bolt.”

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  1. Swimmer? says:

    Oh dear…..

  2. Swammer says:

    PHDs aren’t the only drugs he’s been taking.

  3. SCAQTony says:

    Ian could use the money, he should start trash talking Bolt and make a challenge.

  4. SwimHistorian says:

    Don’t know why no one laughed. Bolt has always been a playful jokester, it’s impossible to imagine that was meant as any kind of serious insult.

  5. sven says:

    It’s true. Long legs are essential to swimming fast. No one with short legs has ever done anything important in swimming. Usain Bolt has proven that he knows the true science behind swimming.

  6. gregor says:

    He was probably joking! LOL

  7. Swim Mom Yo says:

    At least Thorpe and Bolt wouldn’t be CGI.

  8. NickB says:

    Let them race.

  9. SuperSwimmer 2000 says:

    Thorpe’ reply should have been, “oh yeah? Let’s go. Right now.”

  10. Matt says:

    Bolt is 6-4 Thorpe is 6-5 and has size 17 feet…so hmm no 😉

  11. Wilmark says:

    Really idiotic

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