USA Swimming Responds to Statements in Mark Schubert Lawsuit

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 18

September 18th, 2012 National, News

USA Swimming has released the below statement regarding the pending litigation against former National Team Director Mark Schubert. Though not a party to this case, USA Swimming is mentioned at several points in the complaint.

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Complaint Documents
Accusations in Mark Schubert lawsuit go far beyond wrongful termination
USA Swimming is not a party to the lawsuit between Dia Rianda and Mark Schubert; however, because that suit makes various gratuitous accusations against USA Swimming, we will address the false premise underlying those accusations.

The resolution of the relationship between Mark Schubert and USA Swimming absolutely did not involve any cover-up of alleged sexual misconduct by Sean Hutchison or any other person. Rather, because of USA Swimming’s commitment to safe sport, the agreement between USA Swimming and Mr. Schubert specifically required that if Schubert had, or in the future, received reliable information involving a sexual misconduct Code of Conduct violation by a coach or other member of USA Swimming, he would bring that information to USA Swimming in writing and would testify at a National Board of Review proceeding if requested to do so by USA Swimming.

Regarding Bill Jewell, USA Swimming cannot comment on ongoing investigations. However, as a matter of process, when USA Swimming initiates a coach investigation, it immediately notifies the employing club.  As per the Amateur Sports Act, membership status cannot be affected without the opportunity for a hearing. Employment decisions during investigations are at the discretion of the employing club.

About USA Swimming’s Safe Sport Program

USA Swimming is committed to providing a safe environment for all its members. The USA Swimming Safe Sport Program is a comprehensive abuse prevention initiative rooted in six core areas: Policies & Guidelines, Screening & Selection, Training & Education, Monitoring & Supervision, Recognizing, Reporting & Responding, and Grassroots Engagement & Feedback. USA Swimming is proud of its proactive approach to abuse prevention and continually strives to be the leader in Safe Sport in the Olympic movement. For more on the program, visit



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Point for Rianda! The Schubert settlement exists. This is something that has been repeatedly denied. Bill Jewell is the subject of an ongoing investigation by USA Swimming. While this may be a creative adjustment of reality by USA Swimming, it is still significant. At a minimum it would mean Marc Schubert misrepresented the situation to Ms. Rianda. It may also mean USA Swimming will throw Coach Schubert under the bus. Marc Schubert can potentially argue that USA Swimming is violating the terms of its agreement with him. If so, his best option may be to turn on USA Swimming before they strike first. Coach Schubert can easily do this by resurrecting the Sean Hutchison situation. Even a writer for TV… Read more »


If the agreement with Schubert stipulated that he report such information than they should release a copy of the agreement.


Truth! Let’s see the agreement!

What they don’t deny is that Schubert was prohibited by the agreement from PUBLICLY talking about either FAST or sex abuse issues in general; instead he was required to take information to their NBOR so that they have control over how the information is disseminated, i.e. not at all. Then they try to advance the Sports Act argument again despite the fact that we have established over and over again that it does NOT apply to coaches. Also note that they do NOT deny the allegations re Curl. If the USA Swimming statement has any truth to it then why was Schubert paid $625,000.00 of the memberships hard earned money??? Isn’t that hush money? Because it sure wasn’t because Schubert’s… Read more »

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