USA Swimming Open Water Nationals 10K by the numbers

The 2014 USA Swimming open water nationals will kick off this Friday at Lake Castaic in Southern California.  This is the second year in a row that Canyons Aquatic Club has hosted the open water swimming nationals.  Here’s some of the numbers as we look toward the weekend

58 – the number of men on the start list of the 10k.  This is over twice the size of the field in the Olympics (25).

47 – the number of women on the start list for the 10K

14 – the age of the youngest swimmers in the event: Taylor Pike (Razorback Aquatic Club), Isabella Rongione (Nation’s Capital Swim Club) and Simon Larmar (FAST Swim Team)

1.66 – the distance in kilometers for one lap of the course (6 loops for the 10K)

38 – the age of the oldest woman in the race – Heidi George (Great Wolf Swim Team)

6 – the largest number of entries from a single team – Nation’s Capital Swim Club & Club Wolverine

85 – forecasted air temperature on Friday

73 – expected water temperature on the course

8 – women’s race will start at 8:00AM and men’s race will start at 10:30

4 – the number of spots for each gender on the Pan Pacific Championship roster


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