U.S. Nationals Day 2 Pick’em Update: Upsets Rule Again

by Andrew Mering 2

July 26th, 2018 National, News



Contest rules and prizes can be found here.

The 200 free winner, Katie Ledecky, was picked correctly by nearly everyone (97%), but the lower places were much harder. Only 4% had Allison Schmitt in 2nd. No one had Gabby Deloof 3rd (only 4 people had her in any position), and only 10% had Leah Smith 4th-she was a popular choice for 2nd or 3rd.

Men’s 200 free winner Andrew Seliskar was a surprise. No one picked him to one and only 1 person had him anywhere in their top 4 (good call CraigH). Blake Pieroni was a popular choice for 2nd (46%), but Conor Dwyer (8%) and Townley Haas (1%) were upsets at 3rd and 4th.

The upsets continued in the women’s 200 breast. No one had Micah Sumeral winning. Bethany Galat was a popular choice for 2nd (76%), but only 2 people had Emily Escobedo in 3rd.

The men’s 200 breast continued the the upsets. Josh Prenot was picked by only 30% to win. Favorite Kevin Cordes was 5th. Andrew Wilson (18%), Will Licon (16%) and Nic Fink (22%) were moderately popular choices for the remaining spots.

The women’s 200 back saw a tie between pre meet favorites Kathleen Baker and Regan Smith. For the purpose of scoring the tie, all entries of either Baker or Smith were combined to a single entry.

The men’s 200 back finally saw an event go chalk. Favorite Ryan Murphy (94%) was followed by Jacob Pebley (88%), and Austin Katz (64%). Clark Beach (7%) was a bit of an up set for 4th.

Kelsi Dalhia was the top pick (92%) in the 50 fly, and Kendyl Stewart (27%), Hellen Moffit (8%), and Sarah Gibson (22%) weren’t huge surprises behind her.

The men’s 50 fly saw a role reversal. There were consensus first and second place picks who switched places. Michael Andrew (2%) and Caeleb Dressel (2%) were near unanimous picks for each other’s finishing spots. Chatham Dobbs was picked 3rd by only one person (well done fvb).


lcb was the day 2 winner with 89 points. They were followed by 3 people with 86, Dcrabbe6, DannyP, and SST_11.

Day 2 Totals

Day 2
1 lcb 89
2 Dcrabbe6 86
2 DannyP 86
2 SST_11 86
5 Tonto 84
5 CaribbeanSwimmer 84
5 Irishicouldswim 84
8 aznswimmaboi12 83
9 tpmackey 81
9 stvhall24 81

We have a new leader after day 2. tpmackey is in 1st with 141 points. They are followed by Tonto with 140, lcb with 139 and CaribbeanSwimmer with 138.

Overall Standings

Entry Total Day 1 Day 2
1 tpmackey 141 60 81
2 Tonto 140 56 84
3 lcb 139 50 89
4 CaribbeanSwimmer 138 54 84
5 ashao 137 61 76
6 Double Arm Freestyle 136 67 69
6 Purpleviking 136 60 76
6 houdini21 136 58 78
6 ecg 136 57 79
10 RR Surge 135 63 72

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Ex Quaker
2 years ago

What happened in the women’s 200 back? Looks like nearly everyone has Baker listed both 1st and 2nd.

too impressed
Reply to  Ex Quaker
2 years ago

Kathleen and Regan were combined into a single pick. If you highlight Kathleen’s name, you’ll see that Regan’s is after it.