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SwimLabs Story: Fitting Goggles

Working in a store specifically for competitive swimming in Southern California can be an eye opener, even for someone like me who has spent the last 2 decades poolside. It’s like a whole different world of educating parents about swimming. One of the main things (besides learning how a suit should fit) is fitting goggles. Swimming without goggles can seem like a “Truth or Dare” challenge but not having the right pair can be even harder.

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Photographer Erin Reas Visits SafeSplash Swim School In Austin, TX

When a friend needs help, you do your best to help him or her. Before she moves back to Europe next month, my friend Louise worked for a SafeSplash Swim School in Texas.

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How To Talk To Kids About Pool Safety

Taking a few minutes to speak to your child about pool safety on a consistent basis can protect him or her from injury and any unnecessary accidents around swimming pools.

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Maximizing Swim Lesson Potential

Practice makes perfect! Like any skill, swimming skills are improved when they are practiced often. There are many skills that young swimmers are able to work on at home, even without the use of a pool. For example, some skills that children can do in the bathtub include:

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How Swimming Lessons Made Family Vacations That Much Better

Every year we still go to Florida and my kids are little fish in my grandparent’s pool swimming from sun up till sun down! It’s great that they know how to swim and enjoy it so much!

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College Searches – Keeping Your Sanity

This mom knows all too well the stresses of helping a son and daughter with their college decision.

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Wearing Floaties Teaches Doggie Paddling

Doggie paddling is only a swim stroke for dogs! Remember, for your child to properly swim the body position must be horizontal. Encourage your child to kick behind his/her body at the surface and kick from the hip and not the knees.

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Straight From The Source: Why Moms Love SwimLabs

Lance started taking lessons at SwimLabs Littleton in the summer of 2017. The amount of difference in his stroke equates to years of private lessons. The coaches are fantastic! They are so knowledgeable and take the time to really connect with each student no matter the skill level.

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Five Reasons For Kids To Swim All Year

Take 5! Five Reasons for Kids to Swim All Year. Swimming instruction provides great benefit at any time of year!


My Swimmer Taught Me An Important Lesson

Swimming is a life skill but I found out swimmers, and parents, can learn much more during swimming lessons than just how to swim!

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Teaching Mom To Swim

The way that most people learned to swim was the “sink or swim” method. So, like many people in that generation, my mom never learned to swim.

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Goggles Or No Goggles

It is not mandatory to wear goggles while swimming, but for the next few paragraphs, I am going to explain some benefits of wearing them.

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Helping Your Child Overcome Fear Of Water

Taking the time to ease your child’s transition back into the water, you will see their fear begin to disappear, being replaced with a love for the water.

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How To Prepare Your Baby For Their First Mommy And Me Class

For all you first time parents or maybe parents new to swim lessons, I did some research on what you can do to prepare you little one for their first swim lessons.

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Give Your Kids a Gift to Last a Lifetime

Swimming saves lives. How many other sports can say that? According to the USA Swimming Foundation, “drowning is the 2nd leading cause of unintentional injury death, with the highest rates among children ages 1-4.”

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