The Air We Breathe Sustains Life, But It Can Also Be Harmful

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May 11th, 2020 News

Courtesy of BioOx, a SwimSwam ad partner.

Air. It is what we need most to survive. It is what we used to think the least about, but not these days. Can I catch something from the air? Should I wear a mask? Must others be wearing masks? Air is not simple anymore.

The truth is, air was never that simple. Certainly not at indoor swimming pools. As we all know, the chlorine necessary to keep pool water clean unfortunately has a negative byproduct – unhealthy air. The air issue is usually quite manageable and causes little harm, particularly when swimmer pool capacity isn’t excessive. But when there is an imbalance, even when a facility is run well, the air at the pool can become truly harmful.

The BioOx air cleaning system combats harmful air quality at facilities throughout the swimming community. The handful of free-standing BioOx units placed around the pool use a natural biotechnology to attract harmful particles out of the air and into the units where the particles are neutralized. This process happens so quickly that intense swim team practices can continue without difficulty, and swimmers report reduced breathing problems.

The same technology that pulls in harmful particles from just above the surface of the pool is also constantly pulling in harmful particles throughout the natatorium. These harmful particles can include mold, bacteria, dust, cleaning fumes, some viruses and much more.

Having BioOx in use at your pool not only provides relief from the chlorine (chloramine) problem, but cleans the air as a whole and should greatly lessen viral transmission.

A brief document explaining BioOx’s effectiveness against viruses can be found here.

Give your swimmers and coaches cleaner, healthier air to breathe, while at the same time increasing your biosecurity by reducing transmission of disease. BioOx installs in less than an hour, is easy and inexpensive to maintain and you can try it out for a 3-month rental before deciding whether to purchase. Take the simple step of making your air safer. Give us a call or shoot us an email, and we will answer any questions. 




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BioOx is a SwimSwam partner. 

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