Terry Fritch to Replace David Marsh as Head Coach of SwimMAC Carolina

SwimMAC Carolina has announced that Terry Fritch will be taking on the role of head coach with the club, effective immediately. Fritch’s transition into the head coaching job comes as former Head Coach David Marsh steps away from his CEO position with SwimMAC. According to the team’s announcement, Marsh and the SwimMAC board agreed upon this last summer, and are working towards redefining Marsh’s role with the club.

During his tenure with SwimMAC, Marsh has brought in numerous world class swimmers to train with Team Elite. In fact, Marsh placed more swimmers on the 2016 Olympic Team in Rio than any coach in the United States. If SwimMAC was country, the club would’ve placed third in the medal count. Athletes from around the globe, including Japanese Olympic medalist Ryosuke Irie and Brazilian standout Matheus Santana, are currently moving to Charlotte to train under Marsh. Marsh is also a consultant to The ISA and is bringing Israeli Olympians to Team Elite.

SwimSwam reached out to Emily White for comment. Ms. White is Marsh’s manager and Founding Partner at Whitesmith Entertainment.

“David and the new SwimMAC board agreed to re-define his role for the program as High Performance Director from youth to elite as well as a consultant and advisor role with the team prior to The Olympics. He is proud of growing and guiding the club to what it has come to achieve both nationally and globally. We look forward to David continuing the growth and high standard of excellence for SwimMAC to the benefit of the swimmers and surrounding community of all ages, from youth to masters.”

While Marsh will no longer serve as the head coach, SwimMAC should have a smooth transition due to the fact that Fritch has plenty of experience with the club. Before the promotion to Head Coach, he’s held a number of leadership roles with the team, including Head Age Group Coach, Lead Division Coach, and Competitive Program Director among other roles. Fritch’s new responsibilities will include management of all SwimMAC programs, and he will retain his role as a member of the club’s board of directors.

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5 years ago

SwimMAC Carolina

Letter from the SwimMAC Board of Directors
Letter from the SwimMAC Board of Directors to SwimMAC families.

Good afternoon. We hope everyone’s 2017 is off to a great start and that the kids are ready for some fast and fun swimming in the next few months. As a board, we’re very excited about the future of SwimMAC and, with this letter, will share some important updates that have taken place recently at our club.

Financial Update

As many of you remember, SwimMAC spent the first 9 months of 2016 developing and executing on a plan to help our club recover from significant financial difficulties. Through the tireless efforts of our staff, the generosity of our supporters, and… Read more »

Reply to  SOC
4 years ago

Late to the game here but we were a swimmac family for years. We decided after this year we will move to another team. The financial burden on the families is ridiculous! Swimmac dues are almost twice as much as their competitors, and if you are in the north division you are using the same facilities as other swim teams. So why the higher costs? Families were forced to raise money to cover swimmac’s financial mishaps this year with a mandatory $400 fundraising requirement. We were also told this fundraising would go towards the new North facility, that facility was cancelled this past fall. Swimmac never lived up to their end of providing fundraising opportunities and then turned around and… Read more »

NC Swimming
5 years ago

We’ll played news drop Friday night.

5 years ago

So he is getting Jeff Dugdale’s old job?

5 years ago

I am sure Coach Marsh will land on his feet. For some reason he always does. He is a slick manipulator of systems.

5 years ago

He is obviously a proven world class coach. USA swimming should just pay him what he wants and have his group full time at Colorado Springs. It pains me to see that a guy like him has to deal with a parent board (even if the parent board is right).

5 years ago

Any chance Marsh could be transitioning into a key role at USA swimming with Weilgus’ departure?

5 years ago

There is no doubt with the number of Olympians that Marsh put on the last team that he can coach world class swimmers. Whether it’s the last leg of the journey like with Ervin or helping them come out of nowhere as he has in the past, there’s no denying he can coach the best and get results.

But on the actual leadership side of managing and leading a club it has been a disaster. From going through numerous executive directors and finances always being an issue because the budget basically had to expand to pay him 200k+ and there still be room to pay all the other regular coaches. Any by “pay” regular coaches it’s barely a live-able wage.… Read more »

Reply to  Curious
5 years ago

No, the age groupers haven’t started leaving yet, although that dam is about to burst, he did to good of a job running infomercial swim meets and direct recruiting talent from other teams. Or telling other teams coaches to “send them here when they get good”.

Reply to  Curious
5 years ago

WOW! This is certainly an interesting venue to air your grievances without a face. Obviously a “board” insider…two sides to every story…must be rather insecure if you feel the need to air it out here!

Fozzy Bear
Reply to  john
4 years ago

No, SWIMCOACHNED is some loser Coach from MSA in Charlotte who has no idea what he’s really talking about on here trash talking Marsh. He’s just upset because MSA is some hack program with hack Coaches who nobody really wants to swim for. Keep it coming Ned.

Reply to  Fozzy Bear
3 years ago


5 years ago

Looks like he is taking Team Elite to a new level! https://www.dreamfuel.me/campaigns/137

Reply to  Swammer6207
5 years ago

Oh wow, this is a bigger departure than I was hoping for ^^, Swimmac is not even mentioned in the campaign info.

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Lauren Neidigh is a former NCAA swimmer at the University of Arizona (2013-2015) and the University of Florida (2011-2013). While her college swimming career left a bit to be desired, her Snapchat chin selfies and hot takes on Twitter do not disappoint. She's also a high school graduate of The …

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