Terry Fritch to Replace David Marsh as Head Coach of SwimMAC Carolina

SwimMAC Carolina has announced that Terry Fritch will be taking on the role of head coach with the club, effective immediately. Fritch’s transition into the head coaching job comes as former Head Coach David Marsh steps away from his CEO position with SwimMAC. According to the team’s announcement, Marsh and the SwimMAC board agreed upon this last summer, and are working towards redefining Marsh’s role with the club.

During his tenure with SwimMAC, Marsh has brought in numerous world class swimmers to train with Team Elite. In fact, Marsh placed more swimmers on the 2016 Olympic Team in Rio than any coach in the United States. If SwimMAC was country, the club would’ve placed third in the medal count. Athletes from around the globe, including Japanese Olympic medalist Ryosuke Irie and Brazilian standout Matheus Santana, are currently moving to Charlotte to train under Marsh. Marsh is also a consultant to The ISA and is bringing Israeli Olympians to Team Elite.

SwimSwam reached out to Emily White for comment. Ms. White is Marsh’s manager and Founding Partner at Whitesmith Entertainment.

“David and the new SwimMAC board agreed to re-define his role for the program as High Performance Director from youth to elite as well as a consultant and advisor role with the team prior to The Olympics. He is proud of growing and guiding the club to what it has come to achieve both nationally and globally. We look forward to David continuing the growth and high standard of excellence for SwimMAC to the benefit of the swimmers and surrounding community of all ages, from youth to masters.”

While Marsh will no longer serve as the head coach, SwimMAC should have a smooth transition due to the fact that Fritch has plenty of experience with the club. Before the promotion to Head Coach, he’s held a number of leadership roles with the team, including Head Age Group Coach, Lead Division Coach, and Competitive Program Director among other roles. Fritch’s new responsibilities will include management of all SwimMAC programs, and he will retain his role as a member of the club’s board of directors.

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Good freedom for Marsh…opens the door to bigger and better things…NEVER STOP GROWING DAVID! Happy for him. Now we can sit back and wait for the SwimMac parents not satisfied with their kid’s performances to bash him on this site.


It’s hard to bash greatness!! They should be embarrassed that they couldn’t keep him.


I interpreted what Ms. White said as SwimMAC redefining his role as High Performance Director, not departing from the program and/or moving to another one entirely. I could be mistaken though. Anyone with inside information care to clarify?


Always loved the direction and drive of talent Marsh has brought to the program. I hope this move is just to give him more freedom at the elite levels and not signs of departure. Yes please clarify.


From my outside perspective, All he brought to the program was burning…A burning desire to swim at an elite level sure. But also burnout to a large amount of young swimmers. Burnt bridges with local community support, as well as now former coaching staff, and burning holes in the financial pockets of its families and the program as a whole. Sounds like those pockets have decided his name isn’t worth the price anymore. But I give credit to Coach Marsh, he is very good at what he does and he got people to pay way too much for it. Maybe he is the smartest guy in the room afterall…


I so agree, and I am from the inside point of view. In the 3 years we have been a part of MAC, we saw DM at maybe a total of 4 AG meets, and the annual kick-off BBQ’s. His focus was never building up the AG swimmers, it was always Team Elite, and furthering his career. He literally broke MAC with his salary and the expenses of the “elite” swimmers, then expected the AG families to cover the loss with fundraising. MAC losing their “gold medal” status and the ability to host Arena Pro Charlotte is just a few reflections of the downward spiral this team has been on for awhile now. There is no team building, it is… Read more »

Fozzy Bear

Your outside perspective is incorrect.


Total other way around actually.


…and there we have the first one! Thanks coach Ned! Freaky culture at top of SwimMac will be sorry…sports world looks at the management there now and laughs. Run Coach Marsh…run…


Maybe he should run… sounds like it would be best for both parties.


Thanks Jon. Not a MAC parent, or affiliated with the team in anyway other than location. Anyone in and around Charlotte would tell you that, as much as they will try and spin it, this is embarrassing for Coach Marsh.


What was the reasoning for this?


Maybe because he ran it into the ground….


a little louder for the people in the back


That stinks for SwimMAC, but AMAZING news for Coach Marsh!! He will be so much better without them dragging him down!!

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