#TaperTipsWithZiggy: “Listen to your body”

  1 Braden Keith | February 06th, 2013 | News

When you’ve had two shoulder surgeries and been diagnosed with epilepsy, and still managed to sit near the top of the college swimming world, it’s hard not to have a good laugh every once in a while. Virginia Tech senior Zach McGinnis, who led the country in the 100 backstroke for a time this season, is having fun this taper season and sharing his #tapertipswithziggy with all of the swimming twitterdom. Don’t worry if you don’t have Twitter, we’ll be sharing some of Zach’s best Tweets with you, our loyal SwimSwammers, as high school and collegiate swimmers across the country roll toward championship season. Zach will bring you ways to best hit your taper, or at least the best ways to annoy your coaches, parents, friends, and family during taper season.

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See Garrett McCaffrey’s interview with Zach from this past November here.

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It is true taper is like 20% actually tapering and about 80% flexing in the mirror


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