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7 Keys to Being the Best Swim Parent You Can Be

Parents are an essential component in the success of a child-athlete, but they can also be a toxic element. The fine line that parents walk between involvement and respectful distance can be difficult to navigate.

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Swim Parent Apology – A Shout From The Stands

“I must confess that, on more than one occasion, in fact every occasion, I’ve prayed that my child beat your child; wished my team beat your team and believed my coach was better than your coach.”


Nine Swimming T-Shirt Sayings With Wisdom and Insight

#9 “H2O: two parts Heart and one part Obsession”


At US Winter Nationals Kids Received Elite Swimmer’s Medals

Tennessee Aquatics Coach Marshall Goldman: “After witnessing what I saw behind the scenes from all of the swimmers and coaches…I was left speechless and an even bigger fan of the sport to which I’ve been a lifelong fan.”