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6 Tips on How to Be a Happy Swim Parent

We need to be encouraging when things aren’t going so swimmingly. I truly believe if we enjoy the process, our kids will, too.


8 Swim Parent Tips to Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety at Meets

What can we do to help our kids overcome anxiety when they’re racing at swim meets? When my son was in the 11-12 age group, he would get so scared at meets. I’d watch him turn pale and physically shut down.


Swim Parent Tip: Seeing the Big Picture and Trusting the Coach

Swim parents sometimes wonder: “Why is my swimmer in all these hard events?” or “It’s the beginning of the season. My swimmer isn’t going to do well.”


11 Team Traditions I’m Thankful for as a Swim Parent

Here are 11 team traditions that made swimming fun and kept my kids excited about the sport…


21 New Year’s Resolutions for Swim Parents

The New Year provides a golden opportunity to reflect on our swim parenting skills. Are we adding to the swim experience—or detracting from it? Here’s my list of 21 New Year’s Resolutions for all swim parents:


5 Tips for When Your Swim Parenting Days Are Numbered

There will come a time when we no longer drive our kids to practice, set up for meets, or drive out of town for meets. With all the time and energy being a swim family, what are parents to do when it’s over?


9 Swim Parent Tips on What Makes a Coach Great

A coach can be one of the most influential people in your child’s development. That’s why we all want the best coach for our kids. Here are nine traits that great coaches have in common…


10 Signs You May Be a Helicopter Swim Parent

Here are 10 signs that you might be a helicopter swim parent. These examples are from my own mistakes and observing parents through the years.


6 Swim Parent Tips About Hard Work

The ability to work hard carries over to other aspects in our lives. We might not reach our goals through hard work, but without it, we will fail.

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4 Swim Parent Tips About Olympic Dreams

After talking with parents of Olympians, I discovered they don’t push their kids. Instead, they put zero limitations on their kids’ dreams. They are encouraging, hopeful and never say it’s impossible.


4 Swim Parent Tips About Team Loyalty

If we value loyalty, we will want our kids to be loyal, too. We want them to succeed, but also to be part of a bigger picture—adding to our community, not taking from it.


8 Swim Parent Reflections About Conference Meets

This week, our daughter competes in her second conference meet. My role has changed from my days at age group championship meets…

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5 Tips for Swim Parents to Leave Your Team Better Than You Found It

The sad truth is when your child is nine years old, it may feel like your days as a swim parent are endless. Before you know it, your child will begin the college recruiting process.


6 Swim Parent Tips to Navigate the Ups and Downs of Competition

Why do we get so emotionally involved in how fast our children swim across the pool? Have you ever stopped to watch parents faces at meets? You’ll see extreme pain, elation, frustration and everything in between.


6 Swim Parent Tips On Why Your Child Isn’t Getting Best Times

Many parents complain or worry when their kids aren’t dropping time. I’ve explained to my fellow swim parents that if our kids dropped time, every single time they swam, they’d be in the Olympics already.