T-Minus Two Years Until Tokyo

by Suzie Fox 1

July 24th, 2018 Lifestyle, News, Tokyo 2020

July 24, 2018, marks two years out, to the day, of the beginning of the XXXII Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.  This is the second time Tokyo has hosted the Summer Games, the first was in 1964.  Swimming will take place in the Olympic Aquatics Centre and Marathon Swimming will take place in the Odaiba Marine Park.  And just to get people motivated, here are the initial qualifying times.

What Does This Really Mean?

While this is all well and good, let’s break the two-year mark down into something more accessible*:

  • Days until July 24, 2020: 731
  • Practices (@ 6 days & 4 mornings/week, with 4 weeks off to recalibrate): 960
  • Days attending school/work with wet hair: 384
  • Fortnite® Tuesday upgrades: 104, with 2,080 minutes of downtime
  • Saturday, post-practice, carb load and bacon infusions: 96
  • Monthly get-out swims or “reach the flags and we’re done” attempts: 24
  • Bottles of clarifying shampoo: 24
  • Bottles of clarifying conditioner: 32
  • Towels lost/left/misplaced at practice/meet/school: 16
  • Bi-monthly attempts at Olympic ring bubbles: 12
  • Successful bi-monthly attempts at Olympic ring bubbles: 1
  • Phones dropped in pool attempting to capture bi-monthly Olympic ring bubbles: 3
  • Tech suits used to full life and perhaps beyond: 6
  • Opportunities to swim “off” events at a meet: 4
  • Times overslept/miss alarm/forget to set alarm/wake up to alarm clock unplugged with cord wrapped around it for morning practice: 2

*These are averages, apart from the number of days.  If you don’t rinse your tech suit and then pack it in the bottom of your swim bag, you’re on your own.

Enjoy The Process and Have Fun!

So, it’s a way off, but it’s out there and getting closer.  Enjoy the process, stay focused, kick, work those underwaters, believe, dream big and remember to have fun.

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Broken Goggles

The amount of fortnite weekly updates helped me put this in context.