SwimSwam Film Fest: Baby Swimming

I’m a swim film festival fan, and I love this short swimming video, Baby Swimming, captured by Gurchetan Singh.   

I’m always fascinated by these “baby swimming” videos, of which there are a lot. I posted an Infant Swim Recovery video last year. A commenter directed me to Wikipedia for this background:  Infant Swim Recovery is a survival technique that teaches infants and toddlers how to recover from an accidental fall into a body of water. The series of lessons begin a process of instilling skills to help the child regain buoyancy from a submerged state and remain in a balanced, floating position on their back. In that position, they can be heard crying or yelling, while gaining precious seconds for someone to come help them. The intention is to reduce the number of infant and child drowning deaths.

Unlike the popular parent/toddler classes, which encourage a “face IN the water” concept through blowing bubbles, etc., infant swim recovery emphasizes the ability to instinctively tilt the head BACK, getting it OUT of the water to take those precious breaths… the same mentality and reasoning behind infant life jackets… bringing the infant’s head back and out of the water, and maintaining a very comfortable back floating position.

I am always on the lookout for great swim videos. If you have an interesting or beautiful swimming-related video and/or animated short,  please submit to Gold Medal Mel Stewart at swimswam to be featured. We appreciate all points of view on pools, lakes, rivers and oceans. Please include a little background on why you captured the video and the equipment you used (cameras, lens, editing software, etc.). Feel free to add your own story as well, 175 to 200 words works best.

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This opening screen shot looks like a great parody of the recent lochte/nirvana photo.

Thank you!

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