Open Turn: Jack Conger could be looking at another Record Breaking Weekend

  75 Garrett McCaffrey | February 07th, 2013 | Club, College, News, Open Turn

Chris DeSantis joins Garrett McCaffrey on this week’s episode of Open Turn to geek out on what should be some fast high school swimming this weekend as well as championship season in college swimming. McCaffrey makes a bold guarantee about one of the high school swimming superstars who will be chasing records this weekend, while DeSantis starts false rumors that are sure to anger the Machine, Braden Keith. They also get side tracked on what the NCAA record board may look like if Michael Phelps would’ve swam in college. All that, plus some college championship season discussion.

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Missy is not best swimmer in the world. Ye Shiewen is. She won IM

She is indeed, and often overlooked (I assume because she is from China or because of the suspicion that she’s doping).

She is indeed, and often overlooked (I assume because she is from China, or the suspicion that she dopes).

Amazing split. The college guys must be scared to death of Conger- Just imagine what he’ll be going by his senior year….

I don’t think anyone is “scared to death “of conger, anymore then they were scared of Nolan, Youngquist,or Murphy.Athletes at that level don’t think like that, only non athletes and parents think that way.

Yes, I suppose you’re correct on that one, but they still have good reason to be concerned about him and Murphy.

^20.13 fly split

^20.13 fly split

so who had the best meet of the three stars? Ledecky..not your favorite, Missy. My point is there are other GREAT swimmers in the USA and all the focus shouldn’t go to Missy. She is a great swimmers no doubt and I am taking anything away from her.

And the rest of the world’s point is that there is much, much more to Missy Franklin than her swimming, which is why she gets more attention.


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