Open Turn: Jack Conger could be looking at another Record Breaking Weekend

  75 Garrett McCaffrey | February 07th, 2013 | Club, College, News, Open Turn

Chris DeSantis joins Garrett McCaffrey on this week’s episode of Open Turn to geek out on what should be some fast high school swimming this weekend as well as championship season in college swimming. McCaffrey makes a bold guarantee about one of the high school swimming superstars who will be chasing records this weekend, while DeSantis starts false rumors that are sure to anger the Machine, Braden Keith. They also get side tracked on what the NCAA record board may look like if Michael Phelps would’ve swam in college. All that, plus some college championship season discussion.

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  1. Sun Yang says:

    Missy is not best swimmer in the world. Ye Shiewen is. She won IM

  2. pvk says:

    Amazing split. The college guys must be scared to death of Conger- Just imagine what he’ll be going by his senior year….

  3. korn says:

    so who had the best meet of the three stars? Ledecky..not your favorite, Missy. My point is there are other GREAT swimmers in the USA and all the focus shouldn’t go to Missy. She is a great swimmers no doubt and I am taking anything away from her.

    • gosharks says:

      And the rest of the world’s point is that there is much, much more to Missy Franklin than her swimming, which is why she gets more attention.

  4. Pvk says:

    You all are very conservative on Conger. I say he goes 4:12 and 44.80

  5. Pvk says:

    You all are very conservative on Conger. I say he goes 4:12 in the 500 and 44.8 in the 100 bk.

  6. hookem says:

    20.99 FLY split for conger in prelims.

  7. walkman says:

    so that is a new national high school record for ledecky… in prelims

  8. walkman says:

    prelims for the 500 and the 400 free relay are going on tonight. ledecky went 4:33.14 in the 500, conger went 4:20

    • john says:

      question is… how much more do they have left in the tank? its really nice that they get a day in between their swims and dont have to come back in 4 or 5 hours and swim it again.

  9. John Sampson says:

    Is Janet hu also going to be at metros? And if so what events is she doing? She could break the records in 3 events possibly (100 fly/back/free)!!!!

  10. John says:

    Anyone have the link to metro state champ live results?

  11. WHKIRCH says:

    I’m actually going to the finals at Metro’s tomorrow, I can’t wait to see what Conger and Ledecky throw down.

  12. Wang says:

    Anyone have a live results link to metros?

  13. kandy says:

    I say Ledecky is closer to 4:30 and gives Hoff’s AR a run!

    • Klorn8d says:

      Can I get an amen

      • Korn says:

        We were close on predictions for Ledecky and although she beat Missy’s 2free record and went a lot faster in 500, Missy still deserves all headlines! I like Missy but there are other great swimmers out there who are stars too!

  14. Coach Joe says:

    What’s this I hear about you having problems with your TPS reports?

  15. bobo gigi says:


    Missy Franklin.
    200 IM. 1.56
    500 free. 4.44

    Jack Conger.
    500 free. 4.15
    100 back. 45.80

    Katie Ledecky.
    200 free. 1.43
    500 free. 4.34

    Missy swims at high altitude and will not be tapered for this meet. About Jack Conger, I propose rational time predictions with on mind all the races he’ll swim with the relays and the short time between the races, but perhaps he isn’t just a very good swimmer, perhaps he’s a new genius and he’ll swim 4.10 and 44.80. We’ll see. Katie Ledecky was already in 1.45 last week so 1.43 is possible tomorrow. I’m cautious for her 500 free with the short time between the races but on her potential she has the right to swim under 4.30. It wouldn’t be surprising.

    • CraigH says:

      Short time between races? The turnaround between the 200 free and 500 free is usually like an hour. That’s plenty of time to recover.

      As for Missy, I’m almost positive she’ll be under 4:40. A 4:44 is way too pedestrian for a swimmer of her caliber. That’s the time it takes to win our local high school championship, and those swimmers certainly aren’t Oympians.

      I hope Katie attacks the 500 with the same fearlessness with which she attacked the Olympic final.

    • ReeceStyle says:

      I am shocked by your predictions! Usually they are more far fetched (though they usually turn out to be right). I remember when you said ledecky would go a 4:04 in her 400 at the end of the summer and I thought you were nuts! But then she did go a 4:04 IN HER FIRST 400 of the 800!!! So I trust your predictions.

      I agree with you about missy, I don’t think she will throw up any “stunner” times just because she is in altitude and these are weird events for her, also if she worked her breastroke she would be queen of swimming. I say 1:56 and 4:42

      I think jack will be faster in his 500, the kid is on a mission and the way he swam last weekend I have no doubts. I’m calling 4:12 and 45.2

      I think people seriously doubt ledecky, based off the 200 she swam last weekend and her times from nationals (which is nearly identical: 1:44), I’m going to venture to say she wasn’t rested at either!! She is going to come very close to the records. And I don’t get how you guys can argue she has no speed, didn’t she take her 800 out in a 1:59 this summer?! If anything she has more speed than any distance swimmer I’ve seen and some might not even call her a distance swimmer, more like an all around freestyler!! I say 1:42 and 4:31

    • Pvk says:

      Bobo Gigi- You seem like you know what your talking about when it comes to swimmming, so I trust your predictions. It would be absolutely WILD if Conger went 4:10 and 44.8!

  16. bobo gigi says:

    I don’t understand anything about that discussion.

  17. Braden Keith says:

    It’s ok guys…they can’t fire me…I’m an owner…and run this mother.

  18. walkman says:

    it would be a little bit of a shame if conger can’t get the 100 back record because of meet timing. his best time is under the record, as is his 100 fly. this kid, under the right conditions, could have had 3 national high school records.

    • Spud says:

      Ae you seriously whining about the order of events? The same order of events every other athlete has endured. If the 100bk record is that importantto him maybe he should skip all his other events including relays to save up for the back. Personnally I hope he gets both records, Katie gets one and Missy gets one, and then I hope they all get broken asap, even this year by somebody (don’t know who). But to whine about the order of events is rediculous, besides 20-30 minutes is plenty of time.

    • Schefty says:

      Why would that be a shame? Many high school swimmers have not had an opportunity to swim some events at high school meets because of the event limitations. Two years ago, David Nolan could have had a chance at the 100 fly national record considering he went 46.9 the next weekend. This year Ryan Murphy beat the 200 IM Independent national record by almost a full second at a meet three weeks later. He definitely could have gotten that at Florida states but sacrificed a second individual swim to break 3 relay records.
      Jack Conger is actually lucky. He had a chance to swim the 100 fly last weekend mid-taper, which is better than only having an in-season invitational. As far as timing goes, he is also lucky to have a two day meet, something the boys at Florida states were not as fortunate to have.
      I agree its disappointing that these superstars are only allowed 2 individual events at a state meet, but Jack Conger is far from the first individual to be screwed by the high school system.

  19. Smith says:


    Conger 44.9 and 4:13.5
    Franklin 1:53.9 and 4:40.0
    Ledecky 1:43.2 and 4:32.0

    • John Sampson says:

      agreed with ledecky predictions…i think she is going to rock the blocks.

    • ArtVanDeLegh10 says:

      Missy is not a 200 IMer or 500 Freestyler. She is a better LCM swimmer. It’s hard to imagine her dropping from a 1:57 to a 1:53. I did some searching and found that her best 500 time is 4:42, but that was when she was 14. I guess we will see.

      • Chris DeSantis says:

        Come on Art! Where’s the love?

        I look at her being 4:42 at 14 and feel like it’s pretty clear she’s gotten a lot faster since that time and should crush it. As for the IM, short course yards is the perfect format to cover up a few flaws.

        • ArtVanDeLegh10 says:

          She was also 47.9 in the 100 at 14, so she hasn’t gotten much better. I might be wrong, which would be good because I’d like to see a 4:30something, but I wonder.

          I agree that she can somewhat hide her breaststroke flaw in SCY, but she’s a better LCM freestyler and backstroker. So, she has a better breaststroke, but weaker free and back as I see it. As I said, we will see, but as good as she is, there’s a reason why she regularly gets beat in the IM by the top IMers. Also, there aren’t too many women that have been 1:53 or better.

      • coacherik says:

        Accept that she went 1:55.8 at winter nats…

  20. Jan says:

    Super entertaining, Guys. Thanks!

  21. korn says:

    I think SwimSwam, along with USA Swimming, is trying to promote Missy Franklin to the Michael Phelps pedastal. There are so many other great swimmers….and I think Ledecky will beat her this weekend. I also thought Allison was just as good as Missy this summer. Head on, Allison easily beat Missy in the 200 free this summer. EASILY.

    • coacherik says:

      You are absolutely right! Had Missy Franklin broke an individual world record or won two individual events at the Olympics, we could say she had a better Games or is clearly a better swimmer. CLEARLY.


      Couple of nerds geeking out. I swear if you weren’t separated by thousands of miles there definitely would have been a full-on bro hug to start off the segment. Sorry to hear about Braden, hope he lands on his feet..

    • duckduckgoose says:

      Missy’s got such a horrible attitude, maybe she can somehow get back in America’s good graces by participating in a swimathon to help Braden. Hold it at Cherry Creek HS hosted by its congenial swim parents…

      • Are you serious? says:

        Are you for real? Although I can’t say that I know any of these girls personally, Missy, Allison, and Natalie are some of the most level-headed female olympians I’ve ever seen, just based off of interviews and the like. I don’t think it’s fair of you to say that Missy has a “horrible attitude” when the other 17 year old female “role models” are the Kardashians and Disney stars.

      • you obviously don’t even know who Missy is !!! very sad attitude dude .

      • gosharks says:

        Not sure why everyone is getting riled up over the sarcastic/humorous replies but not the original post by Korn regarding a SwimSwam conspiracy.

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