Swimmer Fu Yuanhui has gone viral and she will make your day

by Shawn Klosterman 6

August 12th, 2016 International, Video

As a coach I used to do this thing to liven up the culture of my team where I would get video interviews of my swimmers after a good race in the summer league because some of the kids would give me reactions that were just so darn funny.  I think that it shows some of the joy of being a swimmer.  When I saw Cody Miller’s reaction to winning his bronze in the 100 breast I couldn’t imagine anyone not sharing his joy with him and becoming more of a swim fan than they already were.  Hell, watching Michael Phelps pat Ryan Held on the back as he is bawling his eyes out on the medal stand can make a person downright patriotic.  Some of their infectious excitement always pushes through the screen and rubs off on everyone who can see just how genuinely happy these athletes are to be there.

Now, take that sentiment and add to it that one kid you remember from your swimming days who was such a space case that everyone wondered “how in the world did that kid become so fast?!”  We have all known that person who could beat us all the time in races but accidentally swam in the wrong heat and lane, forgot their cap and goggles, trips while trying to climb on the blocks, and did the strokes of the IM in the wrong order at almost every meet, right?

Well, China’s Fu Yuanhui is all of this awesomeness rolled into one person.  Please take the time to watch her full cosmic reactions to her semi-final and final session swims in the 100 back at Rio, along with the additional video of some of her greatest hits. Seriously, she didn’t even realize she had won the bronze medal and refers to the fact that she had already drained her “mystical powers.”  I am not making this up, folks.  It’s almost like someone grabbed an 8& under 25 back champion and asked Will Farrell to adapt his Harry Caray impersonation to it.  You can’t watch these videos without becoming a fan.  Admit it, you will all tune in if Ellen DeGeneres ever invites “China’s Sweetheart” on her show.  Enjoy!



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Swim Fan

Love her spontaneous reactions! So refreshing


I liked her facial expressions while up on the medal stand even better. Can’t find a video of that. Our comcast overlords are probably suppressing that one.


She was so full of fun and joy during the the 100 back medal ceremony. Can’t help but smile.

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