Swim Training: Build IM Endurance with Fins

by FINIS 2

March 30th, 2015 Gear, Training

Swim Training is courtesy of FINIS, a SwimSwam partner. 


1 x 200 Warmup

8 x 50 Free

8 x 50 Kick Choice

2 Rounds (1st Round with PDF’s, 2nd without)

4 x 75 Kick IM Order

4 x 75 Swim (50 free, 25 stroke -roll through IM order)

1 x 50 Choice

2 Rounds (1st Round with PDF’s, 2nd without)

1 x 100 Free

1 x 100 IM

2 x 100 Free

1 x 100 IM

3 x 100 Free

1 x 100 IM

200 Cooldown


FINIS banner ad - 2014 - ColorVapor-SwimSwam-300x300Founded in 1993 in Northern California, FINIS was started by John Mix and Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer Pablo Morales. The Monofin and the Swimmer’s Snorkel were the first products they developed for the US market; afterwards, they continued to focus on creating training tools for swimmers and coaches worldwide. FINIS products are currently available in over 65 countries and are used by US and International Olympic teams, elite triathletes, and fitness swimmers.

Innovative research and design is FINIS’ highest priority. This dedication has resulted in truly unique products such as: the Swimmer’s Snorkel, which is recognized as the paramount tool to improve a swimmer’s technique, the SwiMP3 that uses bone conduction technology to play music instead of using ear buds, and the Z2 Zoomers fins, which demonstrate an intimate understanding of swimming musculature, hydrodynamics, and engineering.

You can follow FINIS on Twitter here.

You can like FINIS on Facebook here.

SwimSwam is a proud partner of FINIS.

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5 years ago

What’s PDF’S?

Reply to  Suriyathai
5 years ago

Suiryathai – it stands for “Positive Drive Fins.”

You can read more about them on FINIS’ website here: http://www.finisinc.com/Positive-Drive-Fin