Swim Across America Receives $2 Million Donation from Merck

Courtesy: Swim Across America

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Swim Across America announces that Merck is making a $2 million charitable contribution to the non-profit. Merck’s support of Swim Across America now totals $5 million including a $3 million charitable donation announced in 2017. The contributions allow Swim Across America to further expand its charity swim program to raise more funds for cancer research.

For more than three decades, Swim Across America has been funding immunotherapy research and clinical trials, and Swim Across America’s grants have played a major role in bringing new treatments for those fighting cancer. In 2018, the Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded for work in advancing immunotherapy. The Swim Across America Research Lab at Memorial Sloan Kettering has been part of the collaboration that lead to the development of immunotherapy.

“Everyone wants to hear the three words ‘I love you’,” commented Rob Butcher, Swim Across America CEO. “No one wants to hear the three words ‘you have cancer’, but if you do, you want to hear these three words ‘there is hope.’ And for three decades, Swim Across America’s charity program has provided an opportunity for survivors, caregivers and loved ones to get involved, feel empowered and provided hope. Merck’s contributions will allow us to grow our charity swims into more communities to support even more oncology research.”

“Hundreds of Merck employees and their families have proudly supported Swim Across America, participating in charity swims, raising funds, and volunteering as Team Merck across the country,” said Jill DeSimone, SVP, Oncology, Merck. “We’re thrilled to continue our support by providing additional funds to help Swim Across America create more opportunities for cancer researchers to fight this deadly disease.”

Swim Across America hosts 20 signature charity swims in communities including Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. In each community, the charity swim is partnered with a local cancer hospital. The proceeds from each charity swim—typically in the $200-500K range—are then granted to fund cancer research and clinical trials at the hospital so oncologists can pioneer new advances.

More than 100 Olympians have donated their time to Swim Across America and more than 25,000 participants (youth, adult, survivors, caregivers) support Swim Across America charity swims each year. Participant donations and corporate philanthropic partners have helped Swim Across America grow to nearly $10 million annually to fight cancer.

About Swim Across America

Swim Across America is dedicated to raising money and awareness for cancer research and clinical trials through swimming-related charity events. Created in 1987, SAA has granted close to $100 million that has led to new cancer cures in immunotherapy, breakthroughs in new screening and detection methods, and helped pioneer personalized medicine. For more information, visit www.swimacrossamerica.org.

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2 years ago

That’s great news! Swim Across America does some amazing work raising funds for early-stage cancer research. If you haven’t done one of their events, you should!