Sun Yang Involved In Motor Vehicle Accident

Chinese swimming superstar Sun Yang was involved in a car accident earlier today. According to Global Times the accident happened at 2:10 pm when the Porsche Cayenne that Sun was driving was brushed by a bus at an intersection in Hangzhou.

In a report that the media agency confirmed with Zhejiang College of Sports, where Sun trains, this was not an uncommon occurrence at the particular intersection where the bus turned left to avoid traffic, but in this instance struck the swimmer’s car.

No one was hurt in the minor accident and it may not have even been reported by the press if it weren’t for Sun driving without a license. In China the fine for driving without a license is 200 yuan ($32.78) to 2,000 yuan, and it can also result in detention of up to 15 days.

The Zhejiang College of Sports would not comment on the incident saying that the police would issue details and a later date.

For Sun this is another minor event that has brought him extremely negative attention in China.

Since the 2012 Olympics he has been criticized for his dedication training, his choice in girlfriends which were some of the issues that resulted in him firing his long time coach Zhu Zhigen. Because of his disagreements with his coach and the Zhejiang College of Sports in February Sun was no longer allowed to take part in commercial activities and had a month’s training allowance withheld.




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Philip Johnson
8 years ago

Glad he is okay! it’s crazy the restrictions placed on this guy … no license (why else wouldn’t a 21-year-old of his social class not have one?), his personal life, and even his personal commercial endeavors. let the guy be!

8 years ago

Glad everyone is OK and “oops” on the forgot to renew his license (been there). But too bad he has to endure such negative propaganda just because he demands some of the same freedoms and respect that athletes from other countries take for granted. Props to Sun, some of the female swimmers, the tennis player Li Na, and other Chinese athletes who have tried to buck the system and bring China into the current century.

8 years ago
bobo gigi
8 years ago

Happy to read everyone is ok.

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