Summer League Swimming’s Order of Events Keeps Meets Fun & Exciting

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January 13th, 2022 Industry

Courtesy of Summer League Swimming, a SwimSwam partner.

The summer league experience is meant to be both challenging and rewarding, but most importantly, it’s supposed to be FUN!

That’s why at Summer League Swimming (SLS) we’ve streamlined both the events contested by each age group and the order to keep a structured format for every competition that allows each swimmer to compete in distances they’re comfortable and confident with.


From league to league, there’s a lack of consistency in which events are raced by each age group. As a result, certain athletes aren’t comfortable racing in some of the distances they’re scheduled to race at a given competition. This can cause the athlete a lot of anxiety, and in some cases, slows down the meet as a whole.

SLS has implemented a standard order of events for each and every competition, giving each age group and their coaches a clear idea of what they can focus on in practice to prepare for their next meet.


SLS has selected its order of events to ensure each swimmer can successfully complete each race and therefore keep the meet running smoothly.

For example, rather than have 6 and under swimmers race a 15-yard event that some of them will struggle to complete, SLS requires each swimmer to be capable of completing one length of pool unassisted in order to compete.

We also don’t have any individual races over 100 yards. While some leagues have the older swimmers race the 200 IM, sticking to the 100 IM allows all of the swimmers to have a level playing field and not offer a significant advantage to the year-round athletes.

Eliminating the 200-yard events is also a good way to keep the meet moving forward while reducing the need for excess yardage during practice.

Our event order is designed to keep things fun, exciting and safer for non-year-round swimmers.



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About Summer League Swimming

Summer League Swimming is the only organization with a comprehensive youth protection program to serve 3-4 million summer league and recreational swimmers, and our decades of experience provides unmatched quality.

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