Stanford Freshman Brock Turner Arrested After Sexual Assault Allegations

Several Bay-Area news publications, including the official Stanford Daily student paper, have reported that freshman swimmer Brock Turner has been arrested on allegations of raping an “intoxicated, unconscious woman” on January 18th.

According to the Stanford Daily, Turner faces 5 felony accounts from the alleged event. The San Jose Mercury News has reported that two cyclists chased down Turner after the alleged raping in the middle of the night on January 18th.

Stanford announced on Tuesday that he was not permitted to return to campus, and the San Jose Mercury News says that Turner has voluntarily withdrawn from school.

Turner’s name has been removed from the official Stanford men’s swimming roster. Turner is a native of Dayton, Ohio and is an Ohio State Record holder in the 200 and 500 freestyles. So far in his freshman season, Turner had been 1:39.0 in the 200 free, 4:25.2 in the 500 free, and 1:46.6 in the 200 back.

A voice mail left this afternoon with the Stanford Athletics Department communication staff has not been returned.

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“A voicemail left this afternoon with the Stanford Athletics Department communication staff has not been returned.”

I can’t imagine why they haven’t responded.


There are a LOT of comments that follow, here, but the thing that struck me most (and what kept me from getting through reading all of them before I came back here to comment) is the PREsumption that the young man is guilty of the allegations. I’m not saying he is innocent, I am just saying that reaching conclusions before all of the facts are in – whether you are only assessing the school’s ability to assess character or are aghast at someone commenting on the impact to the program (if they are true) as opposed to focusing solely on the alleged victim – has become all too common in recent times.

big black

Witnesses chased and held him until police came… I think people are right in assuming his guilt.


If he was chased down, the school won’t let him on campus AND he withdrew from school, I think we can go ahead and “assume” there is all the evidence of his guilt. If I am wrong…well, who cares, because I’m just some shmo in another state, but I’ll keep on assuming in this particular case, thank you.

Oh, and do you assume that all people found guilty of rape are innocent? I live in Nashville and I’m SO happy they found the former football players guilty yesterday. HTH can you do that to a passed out individual?!!


Flip that…all people found innocent of rape are actually innocent?


Come on ANN, wake up……!!


Good point. You’re right. We should rush to judgement, skip undertaking a full investigation, not worry about hearing all of the facts and merely cut to sentencing. After all, only a guilty person would attempt to present any evidence in their own defense, right? And, since we’ve all read one news article on the case, we’re all ready to convict. I don’t know why I was advocating for caution, Andrea. You’re well reasoned admonition has caused me to adjust my view.


Here are the facts so far, Ann. Two campus police found him raping a passed out girl in a public area. Need more facts?

maybe you should research a little before you open your ignorant mouth.


I totally I agree, I’m a senior from his high school on the swim team and can’t believe he would do such a thing. I’ll believe it when there is real evidence.


He was seen on top of a oassed out woman, assume the rape kit found evidence of intercourse, and he RAN when fellow students approached. His behavior alone demonstrates guilt. Sorry for your team he’s tarnished it.


The police report states he was fully clothed…

Paul Schilling

Your assumption vis-a-vie a rape kit is preposterous! Where is any evidence showing or confirming actual entry?


u believe it now?


Has his conviction on all charges convinced you? It is shameful that he will only serve six months, but at least his name is out there enough that this will follow him all of his days.

Ted Aol

He’s now a convicted felon. Do you believe it now?

Dr. Rout

Why don’t you go to Brock’s own guilt-admissions page on FB ( ) to see for yourself. If he’s not guilty, of RAPE, which I agree must be determined in the court, he certainly thinks women are there for his disposal, as his incriminating comments reflect his total lack of respect for females and a misogynistic perspective of reality. The victim, sadly, might never have known of this event had it not been for the two HEROES on bikes that intervened. The full police report explains this & can be found on this page,


Congratulations Anne. You are friends with a rapist who is an official Sexual Offender. Nice company you keep.

Ted Aol

And, as it the case turned-out, he was guilty!


Reporting that he has been charged and what alleged circumstances are in the police report is not judging guilt or innocence, and he can choose to respond or not publicly.

I am an oakwood resident with 2012 and 2013 grads one of which is a student athlete. The community denies a lot of behavior. Some of it is old family money and some of it is maintaining community elitism. We call it the dome. Consequences are very gentile. This does not surprise me when contrasted with episodes of promiscuity and alcohol use. A subset of parents befriend and see this insanity as a rite of passage. In some ways they are the elite. Something to aspire to. In the past much of this was fixed. We live in a more transparent world. Over parenting to insure success and under parenting to be cool is not a good mix. I know… Read more »


I too live in Oakwood and know Brock. He is an honest, sweet, smart, athletic, middle class kid, with normal supportive middleclass parents. He has been kicked out of Stanford and is facing very serious charges. Let’s not foist all of the world’s drinking and sexual assault problems on his head.


I grew up in Oakwood. I hate to break it to you Anne, but guys from Oakwood (and pretty much everywhere else) who are described as “honest, sweet, smart, athletic, etc.” and who people think “could never do such a thing” also sexually assault women…in Oakwood and elsewhere. I know this from personal experience, and many of my classmates do as well. I don’t know this guy, but I know at least a handful like him.


Like you said, you don’t know him.


Neither did you, apparently


I worked with him almost every day over the summer. He seemed like a really nice guy. I can’t believe he would’ve done this, but either way the correct outcome is dealt out.


This program has gone through a lot of harsh times over these past 2-3 years. Hopefully they can bounce back and break top 5 at NCAA’s (they used to get top 4 always until recently)


Wow, great sense of priorities — mixing an alleged sexual assault story with a “go team!” comment.


You’re right, ONEOPINION. We should be foreclosed from discussing any aspect of the impact of this situation that doesn’t pertain strictly to ensuring a conviction results. I have no idea why someone would add to the discussion by pointing out that this tragic sequence of events also impacts the team. Henceforth, the only permissible posts MUST relate solely to voicing support for the victim and condemnation of the obviously guilty perpetrator. How callous of the poster to think otherwise.


Ann, that’s like saying “it’s true he shot his wife, but the real shame here is that the company rug-of-war is coming up this Sunday, and if convicted he can’t participate. Without his help, they may lose their coveted title!”

Joe momma

Harsh times? Bounce back? Let’s hope the young woman in question can bounce back from the harsh times she suffered.


Let’s run down the list – Tiger Woods, Richard Sherman, Jonathan Martin, and now (based on Stanford’s reaction) Brock Turner. Seems like they need to do a better job of evaluating character of incoming athletes based on these examples….


Must be a nice view from that high horse of yours.

Joel Lin

And what say you about the hundreds of highly successful, highest character and admired Stanford swimming and other sports alums? You could comb any major university athletic department and unfortunately find these things that mirror a representation of university student bodies and wider society.


This is an odd comment coming from you Joel, considering your consistent comments about UVa.

Joel Lin

How so? My comments about UVa have centered around the circus type atmosphere surrounding things like press releases over being late or missing a practice. Those comments are also aimed at the staff and administration for such things. Here I believe painting Stanford student athletes with a mop or stating “they need to do a better job evaluating character of the student athletes” does not comport with anything on background in the Stanford athletic department.

David Berkoff

Character issues at Stanford? How about Jenny Thompson, Jonathan Steinbeck (author for those of you less well read), JFK, Mitt Romney, Ted Koppel, John Elway, Rachel Maddow, Reece Witherspoon, Chelsea Clinton, and former Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Connor? Get a grip. This is one bad actor among thousands.


I was with you until Chelsea Clinton. She doesn’t fit any of the rest….just a daughter of accomplished people


Lost me at Rachel Maddow. But, “Cardinal” exactly what character trait did Stanford not pick up on in assessing character in this case? What was the tell-tale sign that they ignored?


I was lost at “JFK.” Last I recalled, JFK attended Harvard (like the majority of his clan). Moreover, I believe there were a few “character issues” with JFK.

Romney only went to Stanford for a year, and finished at BYU. He also went to Harvard.

I seem to remember a former world record holder that claims Harvard as his alma mater. He was credited with the “Blastoff.” Sound familiar?

Steve Nolan

Maybe don’t lump Reese Witherspoon in with the good eggs.

Coach Chackett

David: I thought you would credit JFK at your school, Harvard. I think Stanford has a great reputation without having to claim him.

David Berkoff

He went to grad,school at Leland Stanford Junior college but dropped out


forgot Andrew Luck.

Michael Stachowiak

For being so well read, David, you should know that Steinbeck’s first name is John, not Jonathan.


What? The best I can tell, only one person on this list is an (alleged) violent criminal. And I don’t even understand what you mean about Jonathan Martin.


Richard Sherman is one of the smartest and most eloquent players in the game, he’s just confident and fierce competitor


You are pulling names from decades a part and you mean to tell me a school must have 100% perfection in selecting individuals. At the time, I’m only pretty sure Tiger was a bit more of a high character person on his way out of HS then 15 years into his pro career. Unfair to assess a grade like that from 4 athletes over the course of nearly 2 decades.


could you explain why you put richard sherman and jonathan martin on that list? I mean tiger woods I guess I can understand why you would question his character, but as far as I know he never did anything illegal. Jonathan martin was bullied and richard sherman is… loud? outspoken? I dont know. not sure how any of them could be on a list with an alleged rapist

Non Biased

How is Richard Sherman in anyway shape or form a bad example? Graduated with a 3.7 and a 4.0 out of highschool and now one of the best in the world at his profession?


Also, JFK dropped out of the MBA program. I’m not sure Stanford can claim him academically. Obviously a great leader – private ethics and morals, not so much.


I agree with non-biased about Sherman. Some folks who saw his rant last year after the SuperBowl and didn’t know anything about him took it out of context and thought he sounded “thuggish”. He later apologized and said he got caught up in the excitement of the moment. The guy who trash talked him the whole game never apologized. I live in L.A. and have good friends from Compton and we all laughed about it because it in reality it was kind of hilarious and even Sherman himself laughed about it later,and he was appropriately embarrassed. I think he’s generally a good smart guy who is challenging the NFL in important ways for athletes right now. I hope that Brock… Read more »

Michael Stachowiak

The game you mentioned about Sherman’s rant was the NFC Championship Game, not the Super Bowl.


Take a long walk off a short pier … and this is coming from a Cal Bear.

Steve Nolan

Yo, what’s wrong w/ Richard Sherman and Jon Martin? And Tiger Woods never committed any real crimes, just wasn’t very faithful to his wife. (And sucks, but that’s not yet illegal.)


What’s wrong with Richard Sherman? Compton, California native. Never been arrested. Stanford Graduate. All-pro. You sound like a racist to me. I don’t like the guy either but lumping him in with an alleged rapist is ridiculous.


As a recent Stanford TA and Cal alum I can say with certainty, as it pains me to do so, Stanford has the most well-meaning and outstanding student athletes out there. The students on the cardinal swim team and cardinal athletes in general are the brightest and most inquisitive students I have ever encountered. As much as my alma mater might want me to state otherwise, one bad student shouldn’t tarnish the achievements of so many great kids. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion but at least speak about what you know, not what you wish was true.

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