13 Perks of Being A Swimmer


We can do impressive amounts of sit-ups in gym class. Girls, use this to your advantage. Always bet the non-swimmer boys you can beat them. You probably can.


Waking up for school? No big deal. It’s a cup of tea compared to our summer training schedule.


You know what they say about a swimmer’s body, “Hottie lamottie with a swimmer’s body.” Enough said.

Nathan Adrian, Anthony Ervin, 50 free, 2012 US Olympic Trials (Photo Credit: Tim Binning)

Nathan Adrian, & Anthony Ervin,  (Photo Credit: Tim Binning)


Our addition and subtraction skills must be fantastic at this point, what with all the splits you calculate during practice! (Okay, maybe not mine…but they’re improving.)

PaceWatch (courtesy of Brilliant Swim)

PaceWatch (courtesy of Brilliant Swim)


We burn 3,000+ calories a day. We’re basically machines, and we get to eat all of those calories afterwards.


Taper. Non-swimmers don’t have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of taper, and who would want to miss out on that?


People are fascinated by our sport. “So, you swim, are you like Michael Phelps?”

Michael Phelps, 2014 Pan Pacific Championships (courtesy of Paul Younan)

Michael Phelps  (courtesy of Paul Younan)


Knowing other swimmers. I have yet to meet a swimmer I don’t like. In my (totally unbiased) opinion, we’re all really awesome people.

Michael Phelps by Mike Lewis-3


Lifeguarding. Is it just me, or is there some unwritten rule that swimmers=lifeguards?


Sweatpants. Practice is the perfect excuse to wear sweatpants. Any time, any place. Just came from practice? Totally understandable.


Peeing in the pool. Regular people use bathrooms. So basic.

pee in the pool, peeing in the pool, Cartman, Southpark image


Breath-holding contests. This is your time to shine. Those non-swimmers ain’t got nothin on you.

underwater photos

Roy Burch at Queen’s University.  (photo: Mike Lewis, Ola Vista Photography)


Pride. Be proud-you’re one of the few. Not many people could handle a sport as rigorous as swimming.

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9 years ago

One more perk: swimmers don’t have to wear cologne or perfume as chlorine smells a lot better than any cologne or perfume out there.

9 years ago

I do swim team and I’m on the seinoer and I’m 5

Reply to  Billy
9 years ago

I do swim team and I’m on the seinoer and I’m 5

Amanda Stone
9 years ago

LOL. This is meant to be fun. And lets face it, we have all peed in the pool. Now that I’m “old”, and swim Masters, I use getting out to go pee as an excuse to rest between hard sets. Yep. Still using the 8 and Under trick. Please don’t tell my coach 🙂

9 years ago

Yeah, stay away from the peeing thing. It makes swimmers look disgusting and how did it become cool? I’m sorry that Michael Phelps loves to pee in the pool and is proud of it, but is Phelps really that great of an idol? Yeah, In all MY MANY years of swimming, coaching, lifeguarding I don’t know one person who has peed in the pool because they are a swimmer (maybe they wouldn’t admit it). And I can guarantee every swimmer I know would be grossed out and stay far away from the person who did pee in the pool. It’s not something that should be seen as a normal swimmer thing and talked about like we all do it…(whoa to… Read more »

9 years ago

#8 you obviously haven’t met the same people I have…

9 years ago

I agree with Catherine. It seems like number 11 is a drawback. I’d rather not swim in any team’s toilet. I happen to swim in a non-peeing-in-the-pool country and guess what? I don’t smell like chlorine after practice.

9 years ago

Why are only the girls using sit-ups to their advantage? Why can the girls possibly beat the “non-swimmer boys”? Let’s move away from gender stereotypes and empower young people to take pride in their fitness capacities challenging everyone including themselves. #thatswhypbsmatter

Anthony R.
9 years ago

Yeah, Phelps is a great guy out of the pool.

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