Magnussen Faces His First True Test Since Changing Coaches

It was big news when World Champion James Magnussen decided to part ways with his long time coach Brant Best after last summer. It was bigger news when he announced that he would begin training with Mitch and Lach Falvey.

At the time his decision did not please Swimming Australia Ltd (SAL) Performance Director Michael Scott “We do not support the training environment James has chosen going forward and there are a range of factors that have led us to that decision and we are not about to go into them,” said Scott

“But in saying that we have nothing against the young coaches Mitch and Lach Falvey – at the end of the day we respect James’ right to make his own decision – although we haven’t got to agree with it.”

The BHP Billiton Super Series will be the first big test for Magnussen and his new coaches.

“I felt it was time that I took a little more control over my career and went out and set up a new team around myself,” Magnussen told the AAP once joining the Australian team in Perth.

“It’s been really exciting and it’s something fresh and new, and something that I’m looking forward to testing on the world stage.”

In his first racing of the year Magnussen posted a time of 48.82 to win the 100 freestyle at the Victorian State Championships almost two weeks ago.

A more slim version of Magnussen will be facing a strong group of competitors including fellow Australian Cameron McEvoy and American Jimmy Feigen.

As a result of his new training regime Magnussen has dropped 5 kg (11lbs).

“I have changed my strength and conditioning program quite drastically and I’ve started a few new things like Pilates,” said Magnussen.

“In the pool I’ve probably gone back to my roots a little bit more and it’s all stuff that I’ve really enjoyed.”

“I feel very physically different this time this year compared to last year.”

“A lot of that comes with maturity and shedding a little bit of baby fat as you get older.”

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Aussie Fan
9 years ago

Remember they are all in heavy training! for the Aussie titles in April.

9 years ago

I really support the changes he took in hand to get a fresher environment to train ; very good .
I wouldn’t be worried with his 48.43 because he is testing a new approach ; and till he has gone further in that new method , who knows what he will show in Kazan this summer .

9 years ago
9 years ago

and he won in 48.43, albeit far slower than his last year’s winning time of 47.59 (which remained world’s fastest for 2014).

Reply to  aswimfan
9 years ago

Hopefully this year he can perform at the big meets; he often posts the fastest time of the year at smaller meets.

Reply to  aswimfan
9 years ago

He has so spoiled fans with his countless 47″ races that a 48.43, which is a hell of a time for a minor meet and at this point of the year, sounds almost disappointing. For a reference, 48.46 got Luca Dotto in the final of the 100 free at Worlds in Barcelona last year …

9 years ago

I would be good to get an academic sport scientist to document and monitor the changes that he is making to his regime. If he does improve from last year (no mean feat) it would be nice to see the comparative study

9 years ago

Any more details on Magnussens training style? It sounds like a combination of USRPT and Crossfit. Just a guess. Probably got tired of old school training with head down in the pool and too much meters. I bet he is going to smoke the field this year and prove the naysayers wrong. Have a bit of patience as it may take a few competition cycles to see the full results while his body is still adjusting to the training changes.

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