Sprint News 6/1/12: Iceland Accepts Olympic Invite; Adrian Scratches Finals

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…As relay invites began going out today, representatives of the Iceland swimming federation have confirmed that their 400 medley relay has received an invite to the Olympics. The group of Eyglo Osk Gustafsdottir, Hrafnhildur Luthersdottir, Sarah Bateman, and Eva Hannesdottir crushed the National Record at last week’s European Championships with a 4:06.64. Our lists had them 16th, so that seems to be holding up so far...

…There are still no official results from the second round of tests being conducted to determine the cause of death for Norway’s 2011 World Champion Alexander Dale Oen, but officials have turned their eyes toward a new target. They know that Dale Oen was battling a virus, and they are now investigating if that virus could have infected his heart. More to come as it develops further…

…After posting an exciting 48.50 in prelims of the Santa Clara Grand Prix, Cal postgrad Nathan Adrian is scratching finals to attend his older brother Justin’s wedding in Washington. Justin himself is a former collegiate swimmer at the University of Washington. Full prelims results from Santa Clara available here..

…Northern Iowa has named former Nebraska assistant Doug Humphrey as their new head coach. He has spent the majority of his adult life in Lincoln, first as a swimmer from 1991-1996, then as a graduate assistant, and then finall as an assistant coach since 2000. He was on the Nebraska men’s team that won the Big 8 Championship back in 1992 (before they joined with remnants of the Southwest Conference to join the Big 12, and then were subsequently dropped). But he won’t be moving too far – the UNI campus is only about 5 hours away from Lincoln, and even less (about an hour) from his hometown of Omaha…

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  1. Mike Schmidt says:

    “Hrafnhildur Luthersdottir”
    Say it three times fast!!

    …..hell….. Say it ONE time fast.

  2. GATORSWIMMA says:

    You got 2 Florida Gators on that relay!!!!!Go Gators!Sarah Bateman and Hrafnnhildur Luthersdottir(HILDA) see you Gators in LONDON!

  3. junker23 says:

    Whoa, “Hrafnhildur Luthersdottir” is a way better name than “Tongan Bear” woulda been. Looks like a Sigur Ros lyric.

  4. jean michel says:

    Too bad he is scratching the final ! But …..he will be back end of june .

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