Ryan Murphy, Katie Hoff & Josh Davis on Champion’s Mojo Podcast

Champion’s Mojo Podcast, a weekly podcast for the swimming community was recently nominated as a Top 5 Finalist for the 24th Annual Webby Awards, presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, for best sports episode.

Great interviews and content like these recent shows, new this month, are why Champion’s Mojo is a swimming podcast you will love:

1.Ryan Murphy Interview, #67  On Dealing with Pressure: This Olympic Champion and World record holder continues the legacy of American men dominating backstroke.

What you’ll hear: What Ryan did with his time off, how he deals with pressure and what he thinks is most important for success.

Why it matters: Anyone that wants to learn to deal with pressure and reach a higher level of success will learn some secrets from Ryan.

Katie Hoff, #65 On Finding Your Deep Down: 2-time Olympian and arguably the greatest American woman never to win an Olympic gold medal, a former world record holder, she changed swimming endorsement deals in 2006 by signing a 10 year contract with Speedo.

What you’ll hear: What Katie has been up to since retiring in 2016 and how she now has a different perspective on her career.

Why it matters: You’ll be inspired by Katie’s amazing stories and advice on the career she didn’t expect.

3.Josh Davis, #63, Consistency is Key:  2-time Olympian, five-time Olympic medalist (3 of them gold) Josh is now a college coach and Masters world record holder.

What you’ll hear: His swimming Renaissance using ultra short race pace training (USRPT), his motivational Mondays and how he swam during the entire pandemic.

Why it matters: You’ll love these  great tips for success and how faith, instead of fear, drives his decisions. 

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Swimming podcast is courtesy of Champion’s Mojo, a SwimSwam partner. 

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