Review Your Pick ‘Ems for the 2021 US Olympic Trials

Entries for the 2021 US Olympic Trials Pick ‘Em Contest are closed.

Over the course of the 8 day meet, swimmers will contest a total of 28 different events, with Olympic qualification on the line. You can track your picks using the spreadsheet below. 

Follow your picks below, color-coded for easier viewing:

  • Green – full points!
  • Yellow – 1 point for picking a team correctly in the top 4 but wrong place
  • Red – no points!

Daily winners will receive a Speedo T-shirt, team kick board, and a pair of Vanquisher 2.0 mirrored goggles, while the grand prize winner will receive a techsuit of their choice, either the Pure Intent or Pure Valor. All prizes are courtesy of Speedo USA! 


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1 year ago

cut and paste into excel

1 year ago

Some quick calculations from the 1,110 entries for Day 1 Finals tonight:

  • The fans really zeroed in on three guys to make the team in the 400 IM. About 68% of entries have Kalisz 1st or 2nd (with 42% 1st), 63% have Litherland 1st or 2nd (with 31% 1st), and 57% have Carson Foster 1st or 2nd (with 23% 1st). The next most popular choice was Finke with 4.5% of entries choosing him to make the team in this event.
  • Grothe not making the final will hurt most of the field, as 36% of entries picked Grothe to win the 400 free, and a further 29% picked him 2nd. In addition 23% of entries picked Magahey to get 2nd.
… Read more »

1 year ago

i’ve lost Swanson, Grothe, magehey, cox and whitley. Looks like I underestimated Kalisz and Flickinger

1 year ago

I ended up scrolling for minutes just to go past my spot on the spreadsheet

1 year ago

Whoever gets a 1-2 sweep in the men’s 400 free should get a trophy

Reply to  Penguin
1 year ago

It’ll be strange no matter who gets top 2. But if 2nd place doesn’t get the A cut they can throw Grothe in still.

Reply to  Penguin
1 year ago

Well Smith was a lock in first so I think there should be a few that get it. I’m hoping to scoop 4th and 5th to salvage the event.

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