Pre NCAA Interview: Senior Josh Hall on making first NCAAs

by Katrina Radke 0

March 25th, 2013 News, Video Interview

Making NCAAs is not easy, especially for men, where very few go in each event. Let’s celebrate together as Senior  Josh Hall talks with Katrina Radke about attending his first NCAAs.

He also shares his powerful experience of improving immensely since high school (from 55.5 to 53 low in 100 breaststroke), swimming for University of Minnesota Gophers, and for the Phillipine National Team.


Katrina Radke is an Olympic Swimmer, Sport Psychology Professor, Bestselling Author of Be Your Best Without the Stress, and 7 Ultimate Fitness Routines. She also runs a motivational, peak potential business, WECOACH4U with her husband, Olympic Coach and former Stanford Coach, Ross Gerry.

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