Pernille Blume Dominates Danish Dance Show With Highest Score of the Week

Olympic champion Pernille Blume notched the highest score of the week for the third time this season on Danish dance show Vild med dans Friday night.

Blume and her professional dance partner Morten Kjeldgaard were the last to perform of the night and the pressure was high – one couple had already posted a score of 43 points.

Their modern dance to Beyonce’s “I was here” was full of fluid movements and earned them a total of 44 points. Blume’s blonde hair and strips of white fabric at the bottom of her dress whipped around as she spun.

Judge Marianne Eihilt said the pair is very consistent and “deliver at a high technical level every time.” She joked that she wanted to see them push themselves so far that they do make a mistake, “to see [they] are also human.”

Judge Britt Bendixen called their performance “elegant,” noting they incorporated several difficult ballet movements.

The end of this season of Vild med dans is approaching as only 7 couples competed this week and Blume shows no sign of easing up on her competition.

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1 year ago


1 year ago

Hah – Olympic champion, rich and lives in a castle, olympic champion hubby, super model looks, amazing dancer, good person.

Is there anything she can’t do??

But seriously, amazing dance routine =)

Just give the trophy to the condors already
Reply to  Eouai
1 year ago

She can’t stop to be cute

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