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Pernille Blume Earns Third Place in Danish Dance Show Finale (Video)

Three-time Olympian Pernille Blume finished season 18 of “Vild med dans” in 3rd place after performing a cha-cha and freestyle dance for the finale.


Blume Secures Spot in Danish Dance Show Final With Highest Score (Video)

After this week, Olympic champion Pernille Blume has earned the highest score of the week four times this season on the Danish dance show Vild med dans.


Pernille Blume Advances to Semifinals of Danish Dance Show (Video)

After 11 weeks of competition, Danish sprint star Pernille Blume has made it to the semifinals of Vild med dans. She performed a pasodoble to earn 47 points.

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Pernille Blume Moves on to Week 10 of Danish Dance Show (Video)

Olympic champion Blume has almost made it to the end of this season of “Vild med dans.” She danced a slowfox to earn her spot among the 5 remaining teams.

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Pernille Blume Earns Top Score For Second Week in a Row on Dance Show (Video)

Three-time world champion Blume is on track to win gold on the dance floor. Her jive earned 43 points during week 8 of Danish dance show “Vild med dans”


Pernille Blume Dominates Danish Dance Show With Highest Score of the Week

Three-time Olympian Pernille Blume earned 44 points with a modern dance during week 7, earning the highest score of the week for the third time this season.


Pernille Blume Sambas to Her Highest Score on Danish Dance Show Yet (Video)

Three-time Olympian Pernille Blume did the samba to Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody” on Friday, earning 40 points on Danish Dance show “Vild med dans.”


Pernille Blume Earns Highest Score of Week 5 on Danish Dance Show

After earning a staggering 34 points last week, Blume topped that mark with 36 points during week 5 with a tango to “Spectrum” by Florence + The Machine.

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Pernille Blume Shines on Dance Show With Manaudou in the Audience (Video)

It was James Bond night on Vild Med Dans and Blume’s rumba earned the 2nd-highest score of the week. Her fiancee, Florent Manaudou, was there to watch.

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Pernille Blume Going For Gold on the Dance Floor (Vild Med Dans VIDEOS)

Fresh off her bronze medal win in Tokyo, Pernille Blume has made it through 3 weeks of competition with high marks in the Danish dance show Vild Med Dans.