Pernille Blume Sambas to Her Highest Score on Danish Dance Show Yet (Video)

Olympic champion Pernille Blume performed a samba for 80’s week on Danish dance show Vild med dans to Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody,” earning her highest score of the competition so far.

Blume and her professional dance partner Morten Kjeldgaard were electric on Friday with Blume sporting a bright blue jumpsuit with fringe and sparkles. They were able to combine samba with moves from the 1980s, finishing the dance with beaming smiles and The Sprinkler.

They earned 40 points to crush their previous best score of 36 points from last week. Blume and Kjeldgaard have yet to find themselves at the bottom of the scoreboard or in danger of elimination after six weeks of competition. They earned 34 points during week four and have had the highest score of the week twice now.

This is the second week in a row that they have notched the second-highest score of the night.  They earned 8’s from all five judges and fell one point short of the highest score of the week.

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Corn Pop
11 months ago

Thank God it was not in Danish .

11 months ago

Damn you Manaudou!!!!

11 months ago

Sambas. No apostrophe needed.

11 months ago

(1) Choreo exploits a woman swimmer’s assets — namely, arms & shoulders. (2) Blume is learning musicality quickly. Well deserved score.

11 months ago

Great job!

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