Peaty’s Tango Earns Second-Highest Score of British Dance Show Week 4 (Video)

Olympic champion Adam Peaty performed an Argentine tango to “In the Night” by Fleetwood Mac to earn the second-highest score of the night on the British dance show Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday.

His score of 32 points was a huge improvement for Peaty and his professional dance partner Katya Jones who earned 20 points or less for the past two weeks.

The choreography played to Peaty’s strengths, literally. It was all about the lifts where he made Jones look weightless.

The tango started off with Peaty fluidly dancing, mimicking swimming, on top of a projected image of a shadowy pool. Their all-black outfits added to the intensity and passion of the performance which ended with their faces inches away from each other.

Judge Craig Revel called it “brilliant” and Anton Du Beke told the pair “your intensity is incredible!”

Peaty’s success on the dance floor does not bode well for swim fans hoping to see the breaststroke world record holder in action at the International Swimming League playoffs in November. There are about 9 weeks left of Strictly Come Dancing with the finale scheduled for December 18.

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J. Elo
1 year ago


1 year ago

oh crap .. good for him but at the same time I was hoping he’d get eliminated soon coz London Roar badly need his breaststroke expertise for playoffs

Corn Pop
1 year ago

Deep dive into the Brit Daily newspapers you will find an interview where he talks of his physical & mental transformation , his derriere & his liking for showbiz world. You can ponder him doing a 200 with a new slimmer torso ; longer legs & more hip flexibility. Otoh he might start swimming like Benedicta .

The biggest interest for Brits is will he fall for the professional vamp who already has him calling her Katyushka ,& the girl with the Welsh Erin with an inexplicable double D is TikTok horrified .
Will it be the English Fine Arts degree or the Russuan Art & Culture graduate. ?
I think k he is set up to win… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Corn Pop
1 year ago

That man has some Kawhi Leonard hands

1 year ago

Well that’s unfortunate.

1 year ago

The scoring jump from last week was surprising, but those lifts were 🔥: a typically difficult move, Peaty made it look effortless.

There's no doubt that he's tightening up
1 year ago

Look at the lane markings on the floor, Peaty just needed to be in his natural habitat

1 year ago

He started his routine with some pullouts 🙂

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