NY Club Coach Dabrowski Added To SafeSport Database On Temporary Restrictions

Yonkers, New York’s Jakub Dabrowski has been added to the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s database of banned individuals. He is temporarily restricted from communication, coaching and team travel.

Dabrowski’s entry in the database lists his decision date as November 4, 2019. He’s currently under a “temporary restriction” that includes limits on his communication with athletes, as well as unsupervised coaching and team travel/lodging. Here’s the full extent of the restrictions, as listed in the Center for SafeSport’s database: “Contact / Communication Limitation(s), No Contact Directive(s), No Unsupervised Coaching / Training, Travel / Lodging Restriction(s).”

Dabrowski was at one point listed on the website of Condors Swimming out of Yonkers, NY. He’s not listed on the team’s “coaches” page, but a page for the team’s Mark Twain Pool lists Dabrowski as one of two primary coaches for the team’s silver (age 8-11) and bronze (ages 7-10) groups, along with the team’s stroke development group.

We’ve reached out to the club for comment on Dabrowski’s current status, but have not yet received a response. Update: the club says Dabrowski has not been affiliated with the team since February of 2019.

Dabrowski does not appear on USA Swimming’s temporary banned list, though temporary restrictions often don’t appear on that list. We’ve asked USA Swimming for comment on Dabrowski’s status, as well as the length of his restrictions, but have not yet received a response.

The U.S. Center for SafeSport wouldn’t comment on the length of Dabrowski’s restrictions either, only pointing to the organization’s website, which says that “As the name suggests, measures are temporary pending completion of the investigation and a final decision being made,” but noting that some measures could also be time-limited.

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