Nick Carlson Becomes 3rd Transfer from Indiana to Arizona State

Nick Carlson, originally from Austin, Texas, will be the third former Hoosier on the Arizona State University men’s swimming and diving team roster next fall. He follows Jack Kucharczyk and Jackson Etter who also announced their decision to move from Bloomington to Tempe.

“I chose ASU because I truly believe that the coaching staff and my future teammates will help get me to the places I want to go. ASU really feels like home to me and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future!”

Carlson has completed two years at Indiana University and will enter ASU as a junior. As a freshman, he clocked PBs in the 50 free (21.12), 100 free (44.72), 200 free (1:37.53) and 500 free (4:27.70) at the First Chance Meet just before the 2016 B1G Championships. The following season he improved his 200 free time at the Purdue Invite and finished the year earning Academic All-Big Ten honors.

This spring, Carlson dropped time in the 200 free and 500 free and kicked off the 2018 long course season with new PBs in the 100/200/400 free.

Short Course:

  • 100 free – 44.72
  • 100 free relay – 43.92
  • 200 free – 1:36.47
  • 500 free – 4:23.88

Long Course:

  • 100 free – 51.06
  • 200 free – 1:51.02
  • 400 free – 4:00.36

Carlson, Kucharczyk and Etter will begin the Arizona State phase of their collegiate career with incoming freshmen Cody Bybee, Cole Kilburn, Eddie Michael, Elijah Warren, Ethan Luc, Jack Edgemond, Jack Little, Jakob Icimsoy, Khalil Fonder, Liam Bresette, Noah Desman, and Noah Henry, and transfers Gage Kohner (Northwestern) and Carter Swift (Eastern Michigan).

If you have a commitment to report, please send an email with a photo (landscape, or horizontal, looks best) and a quote to [email protected].

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oh boy

How are IU and Ray Looze not being investigated for the mass exodus from their program? Also, ASU must be really low on scholarship money at this point…


First of all, who says these swimmers are getting any aid? And it might be IU’s athletic department putting a cap on squad numbers!

Swimmer A

Yea, it could really be a lot reasons. Honestly, IU is getting big and I’m sure it’s hard being a small fish in a big pond. Going to ASU gives you the opportunity to swim under another world class coach, but where you may be able to make more of a difference on the team.


Looze has long told swimmers that they will lose scholarships if they’re not performing. He’s black/white and cutthroat. During a recruiting trip I noted many of his then-current swimmers did not like him.

Those are facts, first-hand.


So much for the IU promise! So much for the underdog team.


Doubtful any of these swimmers received a substantial athletic scholarship. They were all paying non resident tuition too. There are usually several reasons an athlete transfers…


True. But none of the reasons are that they like their current coach.

B1G Daddy

I had a swimmer visit Bloomington and his only takeaway was how poor the chemistry felt amongst the swimmers. After a three-day visit, Looze brought him in his office and offered him nothing. It was a complete waste of time six weeks before Juniors. He would’ve never come 1000 miles at that time to be a walk-on. He felt horribly misled.

The take home: That’s recruiting.


You shouldn’t have committed to a trip unless a scholarship range was discussed beforehand. If it was and he went back on that then you have a very legitimate gripe.


I thought you could only lose an NCAA athletic scholarship if there was misconduct or you quit the sport. Am I missing something?


I thought the same, but Looze said the same thing to my swimmer very boldly. Unashamed. Wonder how they’re doing this legally.


I can second this comment. Same speech given to my swimmer while on a visit at IU. And Loose seemed proud of it.


I also took a recruiting trip there (although it was over a decade ago at this point), and there was definitely the same vibe. Swimmers were in fear for their spots on the team and the freshman class that recruited me lost over 50% of their class by sophomore year.


If true , it’s hard to imagine that swimming for Bob Bowman will be kinder and gentler.


I think ASU will have same problem with numbers as IU has and they will have to cut the bottom end or encourage them to find another alternative!


Maybe, but from our experience ASU has academic scholarships for athletes that helps its teams make their athletic scholarship $$$ go further. I know of two swimmers who were offered partial athletic scholarships coupled with an academic scholarship that would have given them pretty much a full ride in total.


All you have to do is the know Westphal and his attitude, your either lane 1 & 2 or you get nothing. Watched many kids go and leave and not because they couldn’t do the training!


First off, don’t you people realize that Ray and Bob are close friends? IU went to ASU this past season (and will do it again this up coming season) for their winter training trip. Both teams got to know each other quite well. The swimmers that are leaving for ASU weren’t going to Big 10’s or NC’s. What’s the point of swimming when you can’t go to the championship meet? The bashing of Ray and the IU program needs to stop.


Someone’s feelings got hurt…..


What do you mean “you people”???? 😉

SuperSwimmer 2000

All you chattering nancies just last week were tut-tutting the supposed “revolving door” at ASU. Clowns.


Wouldn’t people transferring in still be within the “revolving door” analogy? Sooooo how are they clowns?

ASU moves

How exactly is this worthy of investigation?? What exactly about another person transferring is so nefarious?
IU currently has 43 on their roster (including current Snr’s)
Nick Carlson understands the chances of him competing at conference or NCAA’s are slim unless he improves quote significantly. At ASU he may have more of an opportunity.
Crazy how these internet trolls have absolutely no concept yet resort to the absolute worst possible explanation

Swimmer A

I agree, saying they need to be investigated is not something we take lightly in the swimming world. Every other day you see an article about sexual abuse in the sport. Those are cases that need to be investigated. This is more of an interesting observation about IU that maybe others can shed light on.


Seems weird to me that they had a training trip together and people are now switching over.


Didn’t IU take a training trip to Tempe and train with ASU this year?


Maybe it was more of a recruiting trip for some?

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