Nicholas Santos: “My best time is 22.6… I think I can swim faster”


Reported by Loretta Race.


Brazil upgraded its bronze from the preceding women’s race to gold in this men’s 50m fly, courtesy of 42-year-old Nicholas Santos.

Santos posted a podium-topping result of 23.03, touching .2 ahead of Italy’s Thomas Ceccon who grabbed runner-up status in 23.23. Hungarian Szebasztian Szabo, who shares the short course world record in this event with Santos, was tonight’s bronze medalist in 23.45.

Andrew was actually the top-seeded swimmer out of the heats with an AM swim of 23.38 but, after his meet record-producing 50m back effort, was relegated to last in 24.10.

For Santos, he’s been as fast as 22.73 so far this season, a time which situates him as the #2 swimmer in the world behind Russia’s Oleg Kostin. Szabo has also been faster earlier this year, with the 23.08 he produced at April’s Hungarian Championships.

As for 21-year-old Olympic relay medalist Ceccon, he owns a lifetime best of 23.22 in this event so his result here was a mere .01 off of that mark.

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juice lover
1 year ago

he has never failed a drug test – don’t know why he is copping so much heat

Reply to  juice lover
1 year ago

He failed a drug test in 2011:

It was a long time ago, and he was let off with just a warning and they invalidated his results from that meet, which in turn unqualified him for the World Championships.

It goes back to the ages-old debate in this sport, where every athlete who fails a drug test has an explanation, and it’s up to each individual fan (and the anti-doping panels, of course) to decide which ones they believe or not. People tend to forgive or excuse athletes from their home country and athletes who they like, and villify athletes who they don’t like or are from rival countries.

Juice XL
Reply to  Braden Keith
1 year ago

Thanks for the link. Well put

1 year ago

Take some more furesomide to mask whatever you’re actually on and sure!!

Sports have drugs = facts
Reply to  Pvdh
1 year ago

He’s 42 must have some form of trt to keep the muscle mass

Reply to  Pvdh
1 year ago

The secret is to tren hard, eat clen, anavar give up!

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Pvdh
1 year ago

George Foreman won the unified belts in heavyweight boxing at 45, Randy Johnson 300 strikeouts at 40, Ichiro a starter in MLB at 43, Olszewski world flyweight champ at 45, Tom Brady superbowl MVP at 43 and Pro Bowl at 44, etc., etc., etc., but no, no one can ever do anything special over 40.

Mr Piano
1 year ago


Reply to  Mr Piano
1 year ago

Even if he had a bucket of super soldier serum.. at 42

Reply to  Mr Piano
1 year ago

Through chemistry all things are possible

1 year ago

gigachad Santos thinks he can swim faster at 42 years of age. never too late for a PB i guess

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