New World Record For Fastest Half Marathon Dressed As A Swimmer

Guinness World Records partnered with the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on Sunday where several new world records were established including the record for the fastest half marathon dressed as a swimmer.

Despite the cold weather and off-and-on rainy conditions in Toronto, Robert Winckler from Guelph, Ont. managed to run the marathon with a snorkel, water-wings, and more scuba gear in order to establish the record, completing the 13 mile course with a time of 1 hr 47 min 50 sec.

Winckler has no record of competing as a masters swimmer himself, but has competed in several lake swims such as the Guelph Lake 5k in June of 2013.

Winckler, 51, was just one of six people who set a world record during the run on Sunday.

Records such as fastest marathon pushing a pram (male), fastest half marathon dressed in a suit (female), fastest marathon dressed as a chef (male), fastest half marathon dressed in motocross gear (female), and fastest half marathon dressed as a chef (male), were all broken along with Winckler’s record.

While six world records were achieved, there were 11 total attempts to set new Guinness World records rendering over half of them successful.

To read more about the records click here.

The actual marathon was won by Kenyan runner Philemon Rono with a time of 2 hrs 8 minutes and 27 seconds.

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Was he running with flippers on his feet??

Where’s his swim fins?

Seriously? What the heck does this have to do with swimming? Do I look for swim articles in RUNNER’S magazine? This is beyond pathetic. It’s not as if there are not a bazillion noteworthy swims and swimmers out there. Try a little harder next time guys.

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